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I’m not just saying it because I’m a « Brit »

Rencontre avec James, étudiant britannique à l’université de Sheffield Hallam

Bonjour à tout le monde ! Je suis James, un étudiant de Sheffield Hallam University. Je vous invite à lire mon expérience universitaire en espérant que cela vous donne un aperçu de ce que l’université peut offrir et de la manière dont elle peut vous améliorer !

I am an English student that studies international business with languages at Sheffield Hallam University in the heart of Yorkshire. I am currently based in Paris about to complete a year placement thanks to the university. The opportunities are endless and so I wanted to share with you all some of my experiences at university and the opportunities I have been granted with due to my course.

My university choice

With the help of UCAS I was able to pick and choose between some of the best universities and courses for languages throughout the whole country. Sheffield Hallam University was my first choice on UCAS because I felt like it offered me the most. I was able to choose a sandwich degree which allowed me to combine business studies with both Spanish and French. This was something that other universities couldn’t match because they only offered the sandwich course with one language, which wasn’t an option for me. One of the other main reasons I chose Sheffield Hallam and my course is because it was one of the few courses in the country that allowed me to study and work abroad for a period of 18 months. That was some experience I was not going to miss out on.

My studies in French and Spanish

My course is broken down in to six modules per year (two business, two Spanish and two French) and usually lectures and seminars last for two hours. The workload can get quite intense but one of the great things about the university is that they offer a lot of time for you to work around classes to balance the amount of work. The university offers magnificent facilities such as a 24-hour service in the library and drop-in sessions where you can have one-to-one sessions with your tutors. So there is always the extra support whenever you need it.

The best thing about the course Is that you get to spent time abroad. I have just finished my time on ERASMUS in Spain where I studied for a semester. I am now currently in my third year and like most courses third year is placement year.  So, I decided to split my placement year in to two 6 month periods so I could work in both France and Spain. That way I could gain experience from working in two different cultures and also continue to improve my level of language as well developing my knowledge for business.

18 months abroad!

When I found out I had the opportunity to study and work away I grabbed it with both hands. My course is amongst many at Sheffield Hallam that offer a semester studying in another country as part of the ERASMUS + Programme. Because my degree is based around languages I decided to go to Spain to do my semester abroad. The exceptional thing is that you don’t need to study or know a language to go on ERASMUS. The programme is for anyone who is keen on studying away, and is definitely something worth adding to your CV.

Most courses include a placement year and my course is exactly the same, however, I will spend my placement year working in a different country. This is a fantastic opportunity for you work for some of the biggest multinational companies in the world, which will only make you more employable in the future.

Just remember, knowing another language is not necessary, the university will help you find something that Is perfectly suitable for you and your programme.

Student life in Sheffield

Life as a student in Sheffield Is like what it is at most universities, in your first year you live in student residences or as we call it ‘Halls’. Which is definitely the best way to start because everybody is in the same boat. In your first week you will definitely experience a lot of ice breakers. The night life in Sheffield will also be busy because of fresher’s week. This is where everybody is getting to know each other. I recommend everybody gets involved, you’ll meet people who you may be friends with for life and who will most definitely make your university experience even better.

International students in Sheffield

Sheffield is a very diverse city and welcomes people from all around the world. The university itself provides a one-to-one mentoring scheme which supports new students by matching them with a returning student. This scheme is called culture connect. This is a great way for international students to feel welcomed and gives them the opportunity to find out more about what their life will be like in Sheffield as well as at the university.

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