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Gap Year Establishments: Phoenix Academy



Phoenix Academy – The Gap Year in Australia



  • A campus conveniently located in the centre of Perth, one of Australia’s most popular cities.
  • A diverse student population focused on the international scene
  • Possibility of combining studies and work


Founded in 1989, Phoenix Academy is one of Australia’s leading English language training institutions. Located in the city of Perth, the Academy is housed in beautiful Edwardian buildings in the heart of a green and peaceful campus known for its friendliness. With a diverse student population (from more than 40 countries), Phoenix is an ideal choice for students looking for an English learning experience tailored to their needs, or pre-university training.


Phoenix Academy has more than twenty years of experience in preparing for standard English language exams (Cambridge, IELTS and TESOL). Since its inception, the Academy has welcomed more than 36,000 students. In terms of classes, students are divided according to their level, into groups of no more than 14 people.


A Gap Year programme in Australia

The Gap Year programme at Phoenix Academy is perfect for students who want to practice their English while gaining « real » professional skills. Once enrolled, students can choose between four distinct paths according to their needs: « English », « Business », « Hospitality », or « University Experience ».


The « English » path: general English + Cambridge exam (FCE or CAE)


The « Business » path: general English and / or business degree


The « Hospitality » path: general English and / or degree in hospitality


The « University Experience » path: academic English + semester at an Australian university


The first three packages include general English courses (beginner to advanced) delivered in small groups throughout the year. Graduate students can register for 1, 2 or 3 semesters of classes.


The English option combines general English courses with intensive Cambridge exam preparation, including simulated exams and individual coaching sessions.


The Business option is suitable for international students seeking to acquire business skills that are practical and in high demand. Students will have the opportunity to refine their English while learning to lead a team, develop business plans and manage projects and meetings.


The Hospitality option helps students acquire the essential skills and knowledge they will need for hospitality jobs, including restaurants, hotels, clubs, pubs and cafes.


The University Experience option allows students to spend one semester of their gap year at one of Phoenix Academy’s partner institutions (Curtin, Murdoch or Edith Cowan). Before joining the university in question, the student must first take English courses for academic purposes (EAP). The aim of this EAP programme is to prepare students for the linguistic requirements of university courses in English.


With all the programmes above, students will have the opportunity to complete an internship at a company located in Perth or another Australian city. This is a great way to explore a career path before moving on to other studies.


Student life in Perth

One of the benefits of studying at Phoenix Academy is the comprehensive support and support structure offered to students. For example, the university offers meeting and greeting services at the airport, as well as a number of on-campus and off-campus accommodation options.


Students have the opportunity to be accommodated in host families: an ideal choice for a total linguistic immersion. Families are usually within 30 minutes of the campus by public transport. Family accommodation includes a comfortable room, breakfast and dinner during the week. On weekends, students are accommodated in full board.


But studying English is not the only reason to come to Australia. If you love the sun and adventure, there is no better place than Perth, a city where life is good all year long! After class, most students take a break from a café terrace or visit one of the many beaches in the city.


For more information on this programme or if you would like to register, do not hesitate to contact a member of the Study Experience team.


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