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Gap Year Establishments: Oxford Tutorial College

Oxford Tutorial College


  • Entry requirement preparation for medicine at Oxford & Cambridge
  • A-Level: British equivalent of the Baccalaureate
  • Courses for small groups and student residences


Oxford Tutorial College (OTC) is a school that specializes in A-level education and GCSE – the British equivalent of the baccalauréut and the brevet. Their programmes are aimed especially at international students planning to join a prestigious British university.


An Elite Gap Year

Oxford Tutorial College offers remedial and initial training courses at A-level and GCSE. The school therefore presents an interesting mix of English and international students who wish to boost their grades targeting British universities. At OTC, about 35% of students are foreigners.


In this school, the teaching is centred on the pupil. It is a positive environment that is created by small groups. Dedicated and highly qualified teachers lead dozens of students every year to academic success. Through this education of excellence, OTC students discover their full potential and effectively prepare for the requirements of the best British universities. They develop a critical spirit and an outstanding work discipline.


Why is this type of year so interesting – two things:

  • You do not get the expected grade in the Bac and therefore do not have access to the targeted universities. By playing the equivalent of the Bac in England, you can try to rectify the shot.
  • You want to do prestigious studies (medicine, dentistry, Oxford, Cambridge…) but your level of English is not yet fully developed. A year like this will allow you gain a rewarding experience for your profile whilst preparing you for the requirements of a graduate study.


Courses and specialties: Passing A-levels

Oxford Tutorial College offers international students the opportunity to prepare and pass A-levels. This course is for those who have obtained a minimum score of 5.5 at IELTS. During this year of study, students prepare to take the A-level exams in the subjects they have chosen while pursuing English courses to acquire the necessary level to pursue studies at a British university. The goal is to get a minimum score of 6.5 – even 7.0 – at IELTS at the end of this year of preparation, thus meeting the entry requirements for the most prestigious universities. To ensure rapid progress and the highest possible score, students receive English tutoring throughout the year.


The OTC team also helps students strategically select the topics they will be attending at A-Level. The most sensible choice is often selecting a group of subjects necessary for the studies concerning the student’s interests.


In order to allow students to de-stress and enjoy their year abroad, the college also organizes many social, cultural, and sports activities.


Living and studying in Oxford

In terms of housing, needs and desires change from student to student. Aware of the differences of each individual, OTC offers a wide choice of accommodation and strives to offer everyone the best possible experience. Feeling good at home, being safe, having the opportunity to rest, these are important elements for a successful stay and study. The school contacts students before their arrival to find the best accommodation according to their needs. All accommodation offered by OTC is located near the campus.


Homestays are often the best option for underage students who prefer a family environment that allows them to focus completely on their studies. These families are handpicked and scrupulously selected by OTC. In host families, students have their own room, as well as breakfast and dinner prepared for them.

The second option offered would be supervised student residences. Reserved for 15-17 year olds, these residences offer single rooms and private or shared bathrooms, as well as a half-board service 7 days a week. These residences are supervised 24 hours a day by teams of supervisors.


Finally, major students have access to student residences in which they enjoy their own room and shared bathroom and kitchen. They are responsible for their food shopping and the preparation of their meals. All residences are secure.


If you want to join a prestigious university in the UK, Oxford Tutorial College is definitely the springboard for you. For more information about the A-Level curriculum and how to enrol, contact a member of the Study Experience team.

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