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Gap Year Establishments: Griffith College Dublin: The Gap Year!



Griffith College Dublin: The Gap Year!



  • A welcoming campus in the centre of Dublin
  • Ability to mix English courses and academic courses
  • Study alongside Irish students


Griffith College Dublin is one of the largest Irish universities, and one of the oldest. Renowned for its courses in law, business, computer science and journalism, this university is the ideal destination for a year abroad.


Discover Griffith College Dublin

Founded in 1974, Griffith College Dublin today has three campuses across the country and brings together over 7000 students from 77 different nationalities. This establishment has about ten faculties and many quality infrastructures including a modern library, sports fields and a fitness room, a radio studio, computer rooms, a very active student office, and a conference centre.


Griffith College Dublin also has one of the best language schools in Ireland, located in the heart of its campus. Considered a faculty in its own right, this school and its students are an integral part of the university.


The Gap Year programme

Study Experience and Griffith College Dublin offer a unique gap year programme. The gap year is an Anglophone tradition: it is a year that young people take after finishing high school. During their gap year, the majority of these young people travel or work abroad to gain the openness and maturity necessary for university.


The gap year concept at Griffith College Dublin is very simple: for 28 weeks – from September to April – international students learn English on campus while attending university courses of their choice. This total immersion allows you to meet native students and interact with them on a daily basis: in class, in university residences and during activities organized by the student office.


This programme is for students who already have a good level of English and wish to specialize in a field for their studies or future career. Students take 15 hours of English classes a week and choose their university courses from a selection of Bachelor and Master programmes. At the end of each term, students are assessed on their level of English: the more they progress, the more their English courses are replaced by academic subjects. Students receive credits corresponding to the subjects they validate. This allows them to continue their studies to a higher level in the event that they wish to stay at Griffith College at the end of their gap year.


Teachers from the gap year programme are extremely competent and really passionate. They meet regularly with their students outside of class to make sure they know where they need to progress. In addition, an online learning platform allows all students to view course content and documentation at any time and to ask questions directly to their teacher through a forum. The programme focuses on developing communication skills: public speaking skills and presentations; improve your self-confidence verbally in all situations.


Students will have 20 hours’ worth of classes each week, giving them time to find a job to occupy their free time. It is an excellent way to practice English learned in a professional context and also helps towards funding the study programme.


Living on campus

Griffith College Dublin is a residential campus: students live on campus, in single or shared rooms. Many facilities are available on site including a restaurant, laundry facilities and a gym. The campus is ideally located, just a few minutes’ walk from the centre of Dublin. It is impossible to remain insensitive to the charm of this city with its historic architecture and warm lifestyle.


Griffith College Dublin is an excellent value for money. Thus, a complete academic year costs 6000 €, plus 4000 € and 6000 € of housing costs. For comparison, a conventional language school in London usually costs twice that amount.


At Griffith College Dublin, students enjoy a stimulating and friendly environment in which they feel safe. Achieving a gap year in this institution will be an unforgettable and beneficial experience on a personal and professional level. If you would like to register at Griffith college Dublin, or if you would like more information about this programme, do not hesitate to call a Study Experience advisor!

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