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The Service

It all starts with an initial phone appointment where the student or parents explain their situation and expectations when it comes to guidance counselling.


A three step approach

The first step is a 1h30 long personality assessment meeting. This meeting is designed to let the student express themself on a certain number of topics related to student life and extra-curricular activity. Despite being seemingly light-hearted, it allows the counsellor to get to grasps with a number of important factors. Depending on the student, they then fill in one or several questionnaires (value assessment, the STRONG professional interests test). Students often really appreciate the first session as they start to realize their potential and the many possibilities open to them.


The second session involves going through the test results with the student and try to identify a domain of study. Finding an adequate domain can sometimes require additional research from the student under the advice of the counsellor.


The third session allows counsellor and student to analyze the fruit of the research, in order to further pinpoint potential studies and answer any remaining questions the student may have.


A flat rate with no fixed amount of hours

The service is priced at a flat rate of 380 euros, and allows the student to schedule as many appointments as necessary to get an answer, regardless of the timescale. Our consultant has pledged to support students as long as they need and until their objective has been reached ; she also guarantees at least two sessions and is available to answer any and all questions by phone.

The student must pledge to attend all sessions, fill in all questionnaires, provide any documents, and undertake any research required.

Sessions can be conducted via Skype.


To be be put in touch with Charlotte, contact a Study Experience team member now .

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