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Pathway Programmes

What are Pathway Programmes?

Studying in the USA is a major project. The American education system is the opposite to the French system and so it is not necessarily easy to feel comfortable at the beginning of this new experience.

In addition, in order to join an American university is it essential that you have a good academic record ad especially a good level of English.

However, if your file does not meet the requirements specified by the American universities or your level of English is not yet sufficient for you to progress, the universities propose what are known as the pathway programs.

Similar to the “prépa intégrées” in France, these universities offer international students modules of methodological and linguistic preparation for their first year of study in order to prepare them for the American university system. Once this first year has been validated, entry into the second year of Bachelor is guaranteed.

These pathway programs have many advantages:

  • Entry requirements are more flexible
  • Smaller classes for a better teacher / student ratio
  • Better monitoring
  • No admission tests needed (SAT, GRE …)
  • Presence of an academic team to guide you in the choice of your courses and your modules

Through these programs, you are assured the best preparation possible without wasting any of your time!

University of South Florida

Summary of USF

As the name suggests, USF is located in South Florida, Tampa Bay. The university ranks among the top 500 global universities and is widely regarded in the US as a rising star in American higher education. Nearly 50,000 students rub shoulders every day on the campus of nearly 15km2, reputed to be one of the most beautiful in the USA. After class, sports fans will enjoy the locals’ craze for local teams, including the Buckaneers (American football), the Rays (baseball), the Lightning (ice hockey), not to mention the Bulls, the university team, who are contenders in division I in several sports! Nature lovers will be delighted by the nearby Everglades Park, which attracts visitors from around the world every year.

Courses and specialties

Although the choice of specializations is quite broad at the University of South Florida, the school is renowned for the quality of its business programs. The bull, symbol of the university that is found everywhere on campus, is also reminiscent of that of Wall Street, New York, holy place of finance. USF programs are, for many, accredited by the Association to Advanced Collegiate Schools of Business (or AACSB), one of the benchmark labels of training in business and management. Many also describe the university as a rising star of American higher education, a symbol of USF’s growing importance, both nationally and globally. You will therefore, by studying a course on campus, assure international recognition of your bachelor or your master degree.

Auburn University

Summary of Auburn University

Located in the state of Alabama, Auburn University has been one of the top 50 public universities for over 23 years. It is mainly renowned for its architecture, business, engineering, agriculture, and medical sciences programs. The university created in 1856 welcomes students each year that are attracted by academic excellence, the pleasant campus, and the investment of the teaching team towards the students. Its student community is very diverse. In fact, of the 26,000 students at Auburn University, more than 1,000 come from a foreign country; in all, over a hundred nationalities have represented the university.

Auburn University is one of the largest universities in the southern States. It continues to grow accordingly to the needs of the contemporary society while respecting the traditions at the origin of its ethos and its originality.

The university has various infrastructures: a raptor centre and aviaries, a football stadium and many other sports fields, a nature reserve, an aquaculture centre, a museum of fine arts, a music centre with concert halls, a theatre, libraries, but also a conference centre and a park.

Courses and specialties

Auburn University offers 140 programs in 12 faculties: agriculture; architecture, design and construction; business; education; engineering; Life and earth sciences; social science; letters and arts; medical care; pharmacy; science and mathematics; veterinary Medicine.

It is best known for its business, agriculture, engineering and veterinary medicine programs, as well as architecture and pharmaceutical sciences. In the Faculty of Architecture, Bachelors in interior design, landscaping, and industrial design are reputed to be among the best in the country.

If you want more information about these programs, do not hesitate to contact our advisers. We will answer you with pleasure, and will be happy to participate in your project.








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