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Spotlight on our Services

An appointed advisor for your studies abroad

Your advisor is here to support you throughout the application procedure in the program of your choice. He/she is here to answer all your questions, your doubts, and discuss your ideas with you. Consider him/her as a personal coach whose objective is to lead you to academic and professional success.


Presentation of foreign higher education systems

It is important to know what you are getting yourself into and what you can apply to with your current diplomas. Will your foreign diploma be recognized in France? And if so, to which extent? What type of programs can you apply to? Are you eligible for university transfers? How can you reduce the cost of your studies abroad? Here are a few questions that we will discuss together.


Thorough analysis of your academic records

It is essential to carry out an objective analysis of your academic records in order to guide you towards the best options for you. This will not only save you time, energy, and money, it is also a guarantee that you will apply to the best opportunities based on your profile and your objectives.

Online English test

All our students start by taking an online English test in order to evaluate their current level. This test allows us to better guide the students according to their mastery of the English language.


Targeted research on institutions and programs

Study Experience advisors have a thorough understanding of foreign higher education systems. Their role is to offer you the best solutions according to your profile and your objectives. What are the admission requirements? What documents do I need to submit to support my application? How is it to live on-campus and what is the university like? We are here to guide you every step of the way.


Preparing, managing and optimizing your application

Our advisors know the university’s expectations and demands. They will guide you in preparing the best possible application. We give advice on personal statements, letters of recommendation, CV presentation, administrative procedures, deadlines, and more.

Helping you write your personal statement

A professional writer is in charge of reading, editing and proofreading your personal statement. The work has to remain your own and we will never write a personal statement for you. However, we will advise you on the structure, style, and content of your personal statement.


Sending applications to foreign universities

Once your application is complete we will submit it to the universities you wish to apply to.


Support and follow-up on your application

We are in charge of following-up on your application once it has been sent to the universities you chose. We will contact them when necessary and give all the required information for your application to be considered in the best conditions.


Help with departure

If you require assistance with booking flights, finding an accommodation, getting a visa, or anything else, we will help you so you can have a stress-free departure.


Follow-up post-departure

Once you have settled down in your new home, we remain available throughout your stay. We are here to help before and during your study experience.


For more information, contact us via email : [email protected]
Or by phone:

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