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Official translations

Translating your transcripts and diplomas is essential when preparing applications for foreign universities.

Study Experience offers a service, which offers professional translations in order to help you with your application. Thanks to our expertise and our competitive prices, having your documents translated will never been easier!

What is a sworn translation?

A sworn translation is the official translation of your documents: transcripts, certificates, and diplomas…

The most important aspect of a sworn translation is its legal value. To apply to an English-speaking university, a standard translation will not be enough. An authorized professional must certify it.

What is the use of a sworn translation?

If you are applying to a foreign university, sworn translations of your academic documents are essential. Your application will not be accepted without these documents, as universities require sworn translations to assess your academic level. They need official, legalised documents that prove that you are a legitimate candidate.

What is a sworn translator and how is he different from a standard translator?

A sworn translator must have specific training and must be registered in the Official Directory of Sworn Translators in the country in which he practices.

A standard translator can be just as competent, however his translations are not certified. For example to translate a novel, there is no need for a sworn translator. Whereas various documents needed in an official process (such as a university application), cannot be uncertified translations.

Another crucial difference is that sworn translations leave no room for interpretation. Sworn translators can only translate what is on the document. For example, it would be impossible to indicate that a “16/20” equates to an “A” in the American school system; equivalence calculations are not an exact science and each school can use a different method of calculation. It is this point that gives the document their legal value.

What recognition will my sworn documents have?

You are guaranteed that all foreign universities will recognise your translated documents. We have been working with our translators for many years and we give them all the necessary documents that will need certified translation, which are requested by the universities.

How much does a sworn translation cost?

Thanks to the volume of translations that Study Experience orders each year, we are offered special rates. Therefore, if you join Study Experience (and you are accompanied by our team as part of your application or project), the translations are offered at a rate of only €38 per page.

If you are not a member, however, but simply wish to order translations, we can provide this service for €45 to €60 per page: standard rate or express rate respectively. There will also be fee of €5 for shipping cost.

When will I receive my translations and in how many copies?

We offer two formulas:

An express translation service: Allow up to 3 business days to receive your translations in digital format.

Standard translation service: Allow up to 10 business days to receive your translations in digital format.

You will receive 3 hard copies in the post. These documents come from abroad so it usually takes about 10 business days to receive them once you have received the scanned versions by email.

If you do not need the originals, tell us at the time of your order and we will not charge delivery costs.

How to order my translations?

There is nothing simpler: send an email to [email protected] by attaching the digitalised versions of your documents. Pay attention to the quality of your scans. They must be good so that the translator can read them! Please specify your postal address, where the original copies will be sent.

An advisor will get back to you to confirm the rate of your order and the deadlines. After your confirmation, we will email you an invoice.

Upon receiving your payment (credit card, transfer or check), we will send your documents to the translator.

For further information, please contact us!

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