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Study Experience

Your international education advisor

Study Experience is an advisory body in higher education abroad. Our mission is to promote studies abroad and to help students realize their project. Our consultants themselves have all studied abroad and are trained to help you make the right choice. Their role is to coach you every step of the way from initial course choice and the preparation of your application to your registration in one of the universities that you have selected.

If many students dream of going abroad to study, such a project may seem daunting at first. What university to choose? How to understand the education system of the host country? How to be sure that this degree is recognized? And how to prepare the application? What are the expectations? The deadlines to meet? The exams to take? So many questions that accumulate and can become a real headache! Our agency was created in 2009 to facilitate these procedures. Our consultants accompany you through every single step up until your departure – you can leave stress-free, knowing what to expect!


Studies abroad: a real advantage for your future

Today, more and more companies are opening up to international prospects. Having studied abroad is an asset for young graduates. A good command of languages is very important on the job market and recruiters actively seek atypical profiles: people with different experiences, who have demonstrated initiative, organization, a sense of adventure and independence. Studying abroad is a real investment for your professional future, but also for your personal development. You will see the world in a whole new way after you are confronted with new cultures!

But such a project requires a lot of preparation – that is why Study Experience is here to help you. Consider us as your career counsellor for further studies abroad.


A foreign diploma recognized in France and abroad

Study Experience is also a quality label and a guarantee to continue your education at an institution of high quality, which provides worldwide recognized qualifications. So our partner institutions must meet certain requirements, the most important of which are:

  • Diploma recognized and approved by the French Ministry of Education and local French higher education institutions
  • Alumni satisfaction
  • Hiring rate of alumni within six months of graduation
  • Student-faculty ratio and quality of teaching staff
  • Tuition fees
  • Quality of the campus and its facilities
  • Employment opportunities during and after studies
  • Location and quality of life

Let our team of advisors guide you and go study abroad with confidence. You are certain to return with a recognized degree and a strong academic experience of the highest quality!

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