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The 2+2 System (Community College)

Community Colleges are higher education institutions that initially deliver 2 year programmes, similar to a BTS or DUT in France, that are called Associate Degrees. 
Community Colleges have a second major role : to allow students to spend the first two years of their Bachelor’s degree at the college and to then help them transfer to the university of their choice via a credit transfer system, also known as the 2+2 system.

Ce sytème de transfert est aujourd’hui très courant et selon une récente étude, quasiment un étudiant sur deux qui détient un Bachelor’s degree aux Etats-Unis a commencé son cursus dans un Community College.

This system has many advantages:

  • Lower entry requirements (academic and linguistic)
  • Reduced tuition fees ($6000 to $10 000)
  • Smaller class sizes and better staff/student ratio
  • A dedicated academic advice team to advise you on the best classes to take to facilitate your transfer

Study Experience works with a large number of Community Colleges in the United States. If you are looking for cost effective schools that can best prepare you for entry to university, Community Colleges are made for you !

Some examples of Community Colleges:

Santa Barbara City College

Santa Barbara in a few key points:

Founded in 1909, this Community College is about 45 minutes outside of Los Angeles, has over 19 000 students and is the number one Community College in the USA.

Close to the greatest universities in the country : ICLA, Caltech, University of California Berkeley… This school guarantees you the best possible preparation for a transfer to an American university. Studying at Santa Barbara City College can even provide you with a guaranteed transfer to some Californian universities !

The Santa Barbara City College campus includes a library, a media centre, sports facilities, tennis courts, music rooms with a symphonic orchestra, photography and cinematography studios…Whatever your passion, you can pursue it here.

Fun Fact : Santa Barbara City College has some very famous Alumni : Katy Perry, David Crosby, James Kiffe …

Mercer Community College

Mercer Community College in a few key points:

Founded in 1966, MCCC is community college in the state of New Jersey, halfway between Philadelphia and New York. The campus covers over 100 hectares and they attract around 12 000 students each year, 4% of which are internationals.

Once their first two years of study have been completed, MCCC students have access to a wide variety of transfer options. Some students go on to join the best universities like Ohio State University, Stanford University, Georgetown University, or the University of Washington.

MCCC offer a total of 70 programmes. The most in-demand faculties are literature, social and human sciences ; medical studies ; and business. There are programmes in 3D animation, game design, sports management, cybersecurity, nursing studies, or public health to name a few.

MCCC also host over 40 different student clubs and societies : from volleyball to music, and from finance to international student societies, there is a club for every taste.

Mercer County Community College’s tuition fees are 64% cheaper than those of traditional universities. You can study in th USA without going bankrupt !


For more information on our services and study in the USA, get in touch with a Study Experience team member.

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