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Study in the USA with a scholarship

The scholarship system in the United States

Tuition fees at American universities can be very high and it is sometimes difficult to gather the necessary funds to get the project off the ground.

The United States are nonetheless one of the most generous countries in terms of academic scholarships. The majority of higher education institutions offer scholarships to international students and in particular to europeans thanks to a will to diversify the student base.

It is therefore totally possible to study in the USA with a scholarship, and it can even be a full scholarship, leaving only accommodation and personal expenses.

On average, students with a scholarship pay $18 000/year all fees included (tuition and accommodation), while those who don’t can often spend up to $40 000 on tuition fees alone.

Study Experience, in conjunction with a specialised partner agency, has established partnerships with over 200 American schools which allows you to apply to American universities and guarantees you a scholarship that covers 25 to 75% of the total cost (tuition + accommodation) of your studies.

Depending on your academic record and your budget, we will propose universities that match your criteria in order to maximize your chances of being admitted. By using our services, you are therefore sure to find a university that suits you in all aspects.


For more information on our services and studies in the USA, get in touch with one of our advisors.

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