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Pathway Programmes

What is a pathway programme ?

To study in the USA is a major undertaking. The education system is the antithesis of the french system and it’s not necessarily easy to make the transition and feel comfortable in a ne environment.

What’s more, to join an american university, you need a good academic record and fluency in english.

If your profile doesn’t quite match up to the requirements of american universities or if you need to improve in english, universities offer courses known as pathway programmes.

In the same vein as « prepa integrees » in France, these universities offer international students methodological and linguistic preparation modules integrated into their first year of study to introduce them to the american higher education system. Once this first year is completed, entry into the second year of a bachelor’s degree programme is guaranteed.

These programmes have many advantages:

  • Looser entry requirements
  • Small class sizes and a better teacher/student ratio
  • Better academic following
  • No entry tests required (SAT, GRE…)
  • A dedicated academic team to help guide you in your choice of modules and classes

By going through one of these programmes, you are guaranteed the best preparation while wasting no time.


Some examples of universities that offer pathway programmes :

University of South Florida

USF in a few key points

USF en quelques points


As the name suggests, USF is located in the south of Florida, in Tampa Bay. The university is in the top 500 in the world and is considered one of the rising stars of american higher education. Nearly 50.000 students attend a 15km2 campus, known for being one of the most beautiful in the country. After class, sports fans will appreciate the enthusiasm for local sports teams, including the Buckaneers (handegg), the Rays (baseball), the Lightnings (ice hockey), not to mention the Bulls, the university team, who compete in the first divison in many sports ! Nature lovers, meanwhile, will relish the proximity of the Everglades park, which attracts visitors from around the world.

Courses and Specialties

Even though the specialization options are numerous at the University of South Florida, the school has a reputation for the quality of its business programmes. The bull, the symbol of the university that can be found all around campus, is even reminiscent of the one in Wall Street, New York, holy land of the finance world. USF’s programmes are for the most part accredited by the Association to Advanced Collegiate Schools of Business  (or AACSB), one of the gold standards for business and management courses. Many also identify the university as a rising star in the american higher education landscape, a consequence of the growing importance of USF in the national and international scene. You are therefore guaranteed that your bachelor or masters will be internationally recognized.


Auburn University :

Auburn University in a few key points :


Located in the state of Alabama, Auburn University has been one of the 50 best public universities for more than 23 years. It is known for its architecture, business, engineering, agriculture and medical science programmes. The university was created in 1856 and attracts students who seek academic excellence, a great campus, and a caring teaching staff. The student body is very diverse, as 1000 of the 26 000 students are internationals. In total, over 100 countries are represented.

Auburn university is one of the biggest universities in the southern United States. They have always evolved to meet the demands of contemporary society while still respecting their heritage and originality.

The university posses a varied infrastructure : an aviary centre for birds of prey, an american football stadium as well as many other sports fields, a natural reserve, an aquatic centre, a fine arts museum, a music centre with concert hall, a theatre, libraries, a conference centre and a park.

Courses and specialties

Auburn University offer 140 programmes spread over 12 faculties : agriculture ; architecture ; design and construction ; business ; education ; engineering ; life and earth sciences ; science and mathematics ; veterinary medicine.

The school is mostly famous for its business, agriculture, engineering and veterinary studies programmes. In the architecture faculty, the interior design, landscaping , and industrial design bechalors are among the best in the country.


If you want to find out more about these programmes, get in touch with one of our advisors. We will gladly answer your questions.

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