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Washington State University

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Quick facts:

  • One of the 100 best public universities
  • Founded in 1890, with over 30 000 students
  • Incredible infrastructure

Founded in 1890, Washington State University is located in the state of the same name, in the western united states. Considered one of the best universities in terms of research, it is nonetheless accessible — thanks to the INTO programme — to students with modest english language ability.

Experience Washington State University

As Washington State University begins its search for its 11th president, we wanted everyone to know what a great institution this is. WSU has a presence in every county in the State of Washington, and...

Excellence in research and employability

Washington State University (WSU) is among the 100 best public universities according to the US News World Report 2017. At WSU, conditons are perfect for excellent teaching : 15 students for every member of staff, and 80% of classes at WSU include 50 students or less. The university has also gone to great lengths to create a superb living environment on campus. In total, the university has 30 000 students of which 1900 are internationals from over 100 different countries. Learning by doing is the school’s motto, and it provides students with the opportunity to undertake professional internships, field work, and lab work. The infrastructure on offer is also breathtaking. On top of a huge 24/7 library, WSU house one of the best veterinary clinics in america as well as the third best nursing school ( Its design, construction and engineering department is famous for its multi-discipline approach : students on their courses can choose options from among the three departments to obtain a well-rounded qualification. The archeology faculty is award-winning, and the journalism courses are recognized nationally and internationally.


Courses and specialties : sciences, communication, management, and agriculture

WSU consists of fifteen faculties : Agricultural Science ; Arts, architecture, and design ; Biological and environmental sciences ; Business ; Communication ; Economics ; Education ; Engineerin and computer science ; Languages and foreign cultures ; Health Sciences ;History, literature, and philosophy ; Music ; Physical Science and Mathematics ; Social Sciences ; Sport and Fitness.

Even if all of these programmes are excellent, three of them are in the top 50 in the world : tourism management ; agicultural and forestry sciences ; and veterinary science.

The excellence of the programmes at WSU also depends on the teaching staff. Some of them are members of the North American National Academies. WSU offers 90 bachelor’s degrees, 76 masters, and 64 doctorates in total.


Joining Washington State University

There are two ways to join a Bachelor’s degree programme at WSU. Students can apply directly to the university. They need at least a 13/20 average on the baccalaureat and a 6.5 IELTS score. Students without these scores can still hope to get into WSU thanks to the INTO WSU preparation programme. This course helps thousands of students to acquire the linguistic and academic skills necessary to join an american university. At WSU, the INTO centre is in the heart of the campus. The INTO team at WSU also support students in their visa application process, in their exam preparation, and can even advise them on activities on and off campus.

To find out the entry requirements for a masters, get in touch with a Study Experience advisor.


Living and Studying in Pullman

The WSU campus is located in Pullman, near Seattle. Pullman is a prototypical student town or « college town » for americans. At WSU, 33% of undergraduates live on campus, and over 90% of first years live there. The fabulous campus is home to 27 student residences and over 60 sororities and fraternities. Heavily invested in the LGBTQ cause, WSU is one of the most progressive in the country when it comes to integration. All students are well taken care of and supported, which is especially needed when moving far frome home.


Washington State University is a prestigious university, offering excellent teaching a in stunning surroundings. It’s a good choice for those who wish to have the full college experience and earn a quality degree. For more information on WSU, get in touch with a Study Experience advisor.

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