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University of the Pacific

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  • 30 minutes away from San Francisco
  • No need to take the SATs
  • One of the oldest californian universities

A member of the Shorelight programme, University of the Pacific offers extremely flexible courses. The first two or three semesters are designed specifically to allow international students to adapt to the american system and culture as smoothly as possible.

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One of the oldest californian universities

University of the Pacific (UOP) is a private university, located an hour and a half away to the East of San Francisco. It is ranked108th in the country according to the U.S. News & World Report. Its also one of the most affordable universities in California. Founded in 1851, it is one of the oldest universities in the region. It’s also on a decidedly human scale, with only 6281 students spread over three campuses. Class sizes are small : 19 students on average. UOP students are spoilt for choice when it comes to extra-curricular activities : there are more than 150 societies and clubs.

The University of the Pacific is a member of Shorelight : a group of universities committed to offering an exceptional student experience for internationals arriving in the United States. Students on this programme have the ability to change their specialty at any moment, and they are assigned to small class sizes for a truly personalized learning exerience. They also receive 24/7 linguistic support. The aim of this programme is to facilitate the students transition to an american university. For the first two or three semestres, these students follow lessons with academic support allowing them to earn university credits. They also participate in programs that allow them to familiarise themselves with local culture.


Courses Specialties

UOP offers a multitude of degree and master programmes. The many departments include : Art and graphic design ; Chemistry ; Economics ; Environmental Science ; History ; Philosophy ; Political Science ; Theatre ; Law ; Engineering and information science ; International relations ; Business ; Pharmaceutical health sciences. It’s worth noting that the UOPs medical and music schools are the best on the west coast of the United-States.


Joining the University of the Pacific

To join the University of the Pacific via the Shorelight programme, students must hold a baccalaureat with at least an 11/20 average, as well as a 5.0 IELTS test score.

Une année de scolarité à University costs around 45 000$ to 51 000$ per year depending on the programme. For accommodation, expect around 6540 to 9000 a year depending on the type of housing.


Living and studying in Stockton

The UOP campus in Stockton is superb. Indiana Jones fans will recognise from the famous adventurer/professors films. The campus has a classic architecture surrounded by parcs and even a rose garden. You will also find restaurants, bars, cafes, a library and conference halls on top of the classrooms and student residences.

UOP offer many different types of accommodation, all located on campus. There are options for all budgets and preferences. First year students – particularly international students – have priority when it comes to these residences.

Moving to the US to study can be a daunting prospect, and its not uncommon for students to give up before they even get started. This is precisely why the Shorelight programme was created. So if you are intent on studying in the United States, get in touch with a Study Experience team member as soon as possible !

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