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University of California – Riverside

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Quick facts:

  • A member school of the prestigious University of California public system
  • Elite programs in management, physical science, and engineering
  • Short certificate and one-year specialization programs

Given the shorter nature of the three-year bachelor’s degree in France and other European countries, students often have difficulty gaining admission to American universities as a majority of North American students complete four-year bachelor’s degrees and complete the SAT exam in high school. In order to help European students, Study Experience is pleased to announce a partnership with the University of California-Riverside to wave the SAT and GMAT exam requirements and provide a pathway for French and other European students to gain admission to bachelor’s and master’s degrees at one of California’s best ranked public schools.

Video Highlights from UC Riverside - 2015

A selection of the best shots from UC Riverside's award-winning video production team.

Produced by the UCR's Office of Strategic Communications.

A pioneer in her field, UCR Assistant Professor Sara ...

Study in the USA after a Bachelor

As a member of the prestigious University of California public university system, UC-Riverside offers an affordable premier education at one of the best public schools in the United States. With excellent programs in management, physical science, and engineering, students earn a first class degree while enjoying the sun, sea, and sand of the Californian coast.

Courses and Specialties

UC-Riverside provides a full complement of bachelor’s and master’s degrees in the arts, sciences, and humanities. For students seeking a shorter program of study, Riverside is best known for one-year post-graduate diplomas in management, computer science, and biotechnology as well as physical science and engineering programs ranked among the best in the country.

As well as learning through seminar and lecture classes, UC-Riverside’s post-graduate diplomas include a three-month internship allowing students to gain insight and experience in the American business place. In fact, it’s not uncommon for international students to secure one-year work visas following placement in their internship.

As of 2016, tuition at UC-Riverside comes in at $16,800 per student with scholarships opportunities available.

Living and Studying in Riverside, California

Conveniently located near Los Angeles and San Diego, and the sandy beaches of the Californian coast, students at UC-Riverside enjoy a compliment of on-campus facilities worthy of some of the biggest and best universities in the country.

As well as enjoying comfortable living arrangements with all of the modern amenities including single rooms, shared kitchens, on-site laundry, and wireless internet, UC-Riverside offers a full meal plan providing breakfast, lunch, and dinner at one of several 24-hour campus dining halls.

Following a long week of classes, Los Angeles or San Diego sit a brief train ride away and offer all of the cosmopolitan thrills expected of some of the biggest and best cities in the country. Whether shopping in Horton Plaza, driving along Sunset Boulevard, or catching a baseball game at Dodger Stadium, the opportunities for entertainment and fun are endless.

Applying to UC-Riverside

Prospective undergraduate applicants must complete an application form, provide official school transcripts translated from their native language to English, letters of recommendation, a personal statement covering why they want to study at UC-Riverside, and verified IELTS scores to a standard of 6.5. UC-Riverside also recognizes the TOEFL exam and Study Experience is happy to help candidates complete their application or recommend a certified transcript translator.

For those who seek the prestige of a top ranked university while enjoying an authentic American experience, University of California-Riverside presents a culturally rich and immersive opportunity. For information about UC-Riverside or the application process, please contact a member of the Study Experience team.

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