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University of Alabama at Birmingham

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Quick facts:

  • No need to take the SAT
  • A pathway into first year
  • One of the leading universities for health studies

The Gap Year INTO UAB takes place at the georgeous University of Alabama. This exclusive partnership between INTO and Study Experience is an opportunity to study at an exceptional university while living on a buzzing american campus.

UAB Institutional Promotion Video

UAB students are at the center of Birmingham’s dynamic growth. Whether they’re taking part in innovative learning experiences or launching new businesses, Blazers are always on the move. Learn more ab...

A modern and innovative campus

The University of Alabama in Birmingham (UAB) is a public university, founded in 1936. The University Hospital is one of the best in the US, making the university a choice destination for students in health sciences, nursing, and medicine.

The university has 18 698 students of which 3.6% are internationals from 87 different countries. The school has invested $48.5 million to create the Hill Student Center, a space designed to enhance student life which houses, amongst other things, a 276 seat theatre and multiple cafes and restaurants. UAB also has its own radio station, and an art gallery with works from legendary artists like Andy Warhol and Pablo Picasso.

The university has partnerships with businesses, offering internship oppoortunities to its students. They also invest in incubators across multiple industries, illustrating their engagement to creativity and innovation.


An exceptional preparation for studies in the USA

The international team at UAB is divided into four sections to ensure students successfully adapt the university life.

To join UAB in a bachelor programme, students must have an IELTS score of 6.0 and a 12/20 average on the baccalaureat. For a master, it’s 6.5 on the IELTS and 15 in the degree programme.

Students who have not achieved these scores can opt for the following programmes : the Undergraduate Pathway Program, the Graduate Pathway Program, and Academic English. In the pathway programs, international students receive intense english lessons to get to the required standard in english for their studies. They are also introduced to all the intricacies and procedures of the US educational system : how to write an esay, conduct research, participate in debates, or how to give a presentation. They are also taught the grading system.

Students have access to seven subject areas as part of the Undergraduate Pathway Program : business ; computing and information science ; engineering ; general studies ; public health ; nursing studies ; and science. These programs last 1 to 3 semestres depending on the english level and grades. The tuition costs 13 250 for a semestre and 23 000 for two.


Living in Birmingham, Alabama

Birmingham is the largest city in Alabama, and it’s also one of the nicest in the United States. It offers many activities to its citizens, and more green spaces than any other city. The artistic and cultural quarter is located on the UAB campus : a godsend for culture-loving students.

The student residences in UAB are organized in apartments allowing students to live together in a modern and comfortable setting. Four students share a two bedroom two bathroom apartment. All apartments are entirely furnished and heated, have air conditioning, and WiFi. In terms of cost, you can expect around $6825 per semestre

Studying in the United States is a unique experience both personally and as a bonus on your CV. Thanks to the partnership between INTO and Study Experience, the leap into the unknown becomes a piece of cake ! Get in touch with a Study Experience advisor to find out more. We will gladly accompany you on your journey !

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