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Oregon State University

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Quick facts:

  • A premier university ranked in the top 500 universities worldwide
  • Gain entry to a top American university without passing the SAT or GMAT exams
  • Specialty programs in engineering and other sciences

Given the lack of recognition for the three-year French bachelor’s degree abroad, many students struggle to gain entry to higher education institutions outside of France. Despite a reputation for academic creativity and excellence, French students often have difficulty finding placement in graduate-level science and business programs in the United States in particular.

In order to address the struggles of students who seek a higher standard of graduate study abroad, Study Experience has partnered with Oregon State University and INTO to wave the SAT and GMAT requirements for Study Experience applicants and grant immediate recognition to the three-year French bachelor’s degree.

Beaver Nation is Everywhere

No matter what corner of Oregon you call home. No matter where in the nation or across the globe you decide to make your stand. Wherever you look, you'll find Beaver Nation, the nation of push up your...

An International University in the USA!

Founded in 1856, Oregon State University sits on the bank of the Willamette River in Corvallis, Oregon. Boasting a top-500 ranking worldwide, OSU is best known for a pioneering environmental science program, superb engineering programs, and an AACSB-accredited business school.

Courses and Specialties

Oregon State University offers more than 200 undergraduate and 100 graduate degree programs through 11 academic colleges. Regardless of subject area, incoming students seldom complain of difficulty finding a program suited to their needs and career goals. In particular, OSU specializes in environment science, engineering, business, and international trade.

For students seeking programs in business, OSU is AACSB-accredited with internationally recognized and renowned programs in finance, marketing, international trade, and accounting. OSU also boasts a pioneering environment science program with several members of faculty at the top of their field teaching classes and mentoring students.

Living and Studying in Corvallis, Oregon

International students at OSU are typically housed in the ‘International Village’ housing complex. Students living in the International Village enjoy fully furnished rooms, single bedrooms, shared kitchens, wireless internet access, satellite television, gym access, and meal plans providing breakfast, lunch, and dinner at one of several on-campus dining halls.

Following a long day of studying and attending class, students enjoy access to over 400 student groups, organizations, fraternities, and sororities. Whether blowing off some steam in the Dixon Recreation Center or catching an Oregon State Beavers game at Reser Stadium, students seldom complain of boredom at OSU.

Applying to OSU

Prospective undergraduate applicants must complete an application form, provide official school transcripts translated from their native language to English, letters of recommendation, a personal statement covering why they want to study at OSU, and verified IELTS scores to a standard of 6.5 or higher.

For applicants holding a bachelor’s degree and seeking admission to a master’s program, enrollment in the OSU’s bridge program will grant immediate entry to a master’s program of choice without completion of the SAT. The bridge program consists of refresher courses in mixed languages and core curriculum subjects relevant to your degree. Applicants are typically enrolled in the Spring semester (January, March) or during the Autumn semester beginning in September.

For applicants concerned with English language proficiency or who fail to score 6.5 or higher on the IELTS exam, admittance to a Gateway program covering foundation courses in their desired subject area and mixed English language course is often granted.

For more information about applying to Oregon State University or any of the requirement outlined above, please contact a member of the Study Experience team.

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