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Navarro College

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  • An authentic American experience in the heart of Texas
  • A gateway to larger universities through the American Honors program
  • Affordable rate of tuition

With five campuses across the state of Texas, Navarro College specializes in fully accredited two-year associate’s degree programs with an emphasis on providing the practical skills necessary for success in the modern labor market. With graduates routinely transferring to nationally renowned schools like Baylor University, Ohio State University, and Georgetown, students graduating from the American Honors program at Navarro College earn bachelor’s degrees from great schools at a fraction of the cost.

Navarro College


Courses and Specialties

As an affiliate of the American Honors program, graduating students are guaranteed admission to the third year of a bachelor’s program following completion of a two-year program of study. As a member of the American Honors program, students enjoy small class sizes taught by Honors faculty in accounting, business administration, computer science, theater, and nursing. As well as guaranteeing transfer to a bachelor’s program, enrollment in the American Honors program affords students the benefit of a faculty advisor charged with mentoring each student and providing advice and referrals when necessary.

Following transfer to a bachelor’s degree program, students typically receive scholarships covering a sizeable portion of tuition for the third and fourth years of study. As of 2016, the average American Honors program student received grants and scholarships amounting to $29,500 per student.

Living and Studying in Corsicana, Texas

Located less than an hour south of Dallas, students studying at Navarro College experience the old world charm of the American West while embracing the amenities and culture of a modern regional metropolis. Dallas is best known for Tex-Mex cuisine, bustling centers of commerce, and the kind of music, art, and architecture expected of New York City or Chicago. However, for those who prefer the peace and tranquility of nature, Corsicana plays host to a variety of parks and lakes with dozens of hiking and biking trails. Whether enjoying breakfast tacos from a food truck in downtown Dallas or grilling sausages over an open fire in one of Corsicana’s many parks, students at Navarro College seldom find themselves sitting around with nothing to do.

Applying to Navarro College

In order to qualify for acceptance to the American Honors program at Navarro College, prospective students are expected to earn 13/20 on the baccalaureate and score a minimum of 6.5 on the IELTS English language proficiency exam. Applicants are also expected to complete an application form, provide official school transcripts translated from their native language to English, and a personal statement covering why they want to study at Navarro College. Given the highly competitive nature of the American Honors program admission process, Study Experience recommends initiating an application 4-6 months in advance.

For more information regarding Navarro College or the American Honors program, contact a member of the Study Experience team today.

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