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Kilgore College

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  • An affordable community in the heart of Texas
  • Transfer to the best universities after 2 years
  • Ability to take remedial english lessons before the start of term

A member of the American Honors programme, Kilgore College charges tuition fears that are 64% cheaper than traditional universities. This programme allows students to spend their first two years at Kilgore College and the join the university of their dreams in the third year of a bachelor programme.

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An economical pathway to the best universities – Texas

Founded in 1935, Kilgore College is a community college located in north-east Texas, only two hours away from Dallas. This college takes in students who want the american education experience in a calm and safe student town.

Once the first two years are passed, Kilgore students can transfer to any number of other schools. Some students join the most prestigious universities such as Ohio State University, Stanford University, Georgetown University, or the University of Washington.

International students benefit from a personalized accompaniement service, which includes airport pickup, an orientation day, and one on one meetings with an academic advisor.

Like many colleges, Kilgore have a number of societies and student clubs. The most famous are the Kilgore College Rangerettes — the cheerleading team ; they perform around the world at high profile sporting events.

The campus also houses a large library, a sports centre and several cultural centres that put on exhibitions ; but also a farm in which students in agriculture are trained, and a centre for training firemen !


Courses and Specialties

Unlike traditional universities, Kilgore College does not require a formal application. The college offers multipe courses spread over three faculties : business, technology and services ; arts, communication and human sciences ; and mathematics, science and health sciences. The American Honors transfer programme applies to all courses : from journalism to business to environmental science.

Students on the American Honors programme at Kilgore College benefit from several perks that allow them to achieve the required level to transfer to one of the best universities in the country. Class sizes are small and students have access to a personal academic advisor to best plan their studies and transfer.

This course is specifically aimed at determined student who wish to join a prestigious university after two years of study.

A semestre of tuition costs 5905$, half the price of a traditional american university. Joining Kilgore College for the first two years can therefore be very financially viable.

To join Kilgore College, students must have a minimum computer TOEFL score of 173, or 500 on the paper exam.


Living and studying in Kilgore

The town of Kilgore houses several museum and theatres, but also parks and lakes. It’s a calm town, surrounded by greenery.

The majority of Kilgore students live on campus, in student residences or in shared apartments, or even in host families.

The student residences are totally furnished and safe. They allow students to meet people from all over the world, to take advantage of the activities on campus, and to be a stones throw from the classrooms.

Joining Kilgore College is the best way to join a famous university without going bankrupt. For more information on the available courses and to sign up, get in touch with a Study Experience team member.

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