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George Mason University

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Quick facts:

  • A premier university ranked in the top 150 worldwide
  • Known for an elite political science program
  • Located 30 minutes from Washington, D.C.

In order to address the struggles of French and other European students seeking placement in American graduate programs, Study Experience has partnered with George Mason University and INTO to waive the SAT and GMAT requirements for Study Experience applicants and grant official recognition to the three-year bachelor’s degree.

George Mason University, Today.

A great university of a new and necessary kind.

An Elite American University

Despite earning a reputation for academic creativity and excellence, French students seeking admission to bachelor’s and master’s degree programs abroad often have difficulty navigating the application process. In particular, the lack of recognition for the three-year bachelor’s degree and the absence of the SAT and GMAT exams in Europe present obstacles to students seeking placement in undergraduate and graduate-level engineering and business programs in the United States.

Courses and Specialties

Founded in 1957, George Mason University ranks as one of the top 75 schools in the United States and 151st in the world. With over 81 bachelor’s degrees and 88 master’s degrees, students enjoy a variety of programs in business administration, law, engineering, nursing, and social sciences. GMU is best known for world class computer science and political science programs.

Living and Studying in Fairfax, Virginia

Located 45 minutes from Washington, D.C. and the White House, George Mason University provides a student-centric community with first class academic facilities. Students living on campus enjoy modern dormitories with a variety of amenities and services including spacious rooms, wireless internet, satellite television, free on-site laundry, ping pong tables, and community kitchens. GMU also plays host to over 350 student clubs and 38 sororities and fraternities.

Given the close proximity to the US capital, students studying at GMU often find themselves making the quick trip over to Washington, D.C. to explore many of the iconic American landmarks including the White House, Capitol Hill, and the Lincoln Memorial. Washington also plays host to 17 museums including the renowned Smithsonian Institution Museum and the National Museum of Natural History.

Applying to George Mason University

Prospective undergraduate applicants must complete an application form, provide official school transcripts translated from their native language to English, letters of recommendation, a personal statement covering why they want to study at GMU, and verified IELTS scores to a standard of 6.5 or higher.

Through the unique partnership between George Mason University, INTO, and Study Experience, applicants holding a bachelor’s degree and seeking admission to a master’s program are granted admission to GMU’s Pathway program without completion of the GMAT or the fourth year of a bachelor’s degree. The Pathway program consists of refresher courses in mixed languages and core curriculum subjects relevant to your degree field. Applicants are typically enrolled in the Spring semester (January, March) or during the Autumn semester beginning in September.

For applicants seeking admission to a bachelor’s degree program, the partnership between George Mason University and Study Experience provides a path for application and admission without taking the SAT exam.

For more information about applying to George Mason University, please contact a member of the Study Experience team.

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