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Drew University

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Quick facts:

  • A gateway to Ivy League schools such as Harvard, Stanford, and Princeton
  • A rural, elegant, and prestigious campus close to New York City
  • Students may take advantage of a combined-degree program with Columbia University

For those hoping to sample the excitement and buzz of New York City without incurring the higher cost of living, Drew College offers modern and classical courses of study at a prestigious private university in rural New Jersey.

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What life is like at Drew University.

Earn a Bachelor’s Degree in New York, with Drew University!

Founded in 1867 as Drew Theological Seminary, Drew University is renowned for excellence in teaching. With a compliment of only 2,300 students on a campus worthy of Oxford or Harvard, Drew University ranks as one of the best small schools for humanities and social studies. Students enjoy smaller class sizes taught by excellent faculty from the Ivy League, while the higher admission requirements ensure students are surrounded by like-minded, creative, and dedicated young people.

Courses and Specialties

Undergraduate students at Drew University often take advantage of the renowned combined-degree program. Following completion of their freshman and sophomore year at Drew, combined-degree students are simultaneously enrolled at Columbia University and receive a second bachelor’s degree of choice following graduation. For example, many engineering students take advantage of the combined-degree program to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree from Drew University and a Bachelor of Science degree from Columbia—both in only four years! The combined-degree program makes for an attractive alternative to traditional engineering and science curricula which are rigorously structured and often take longer than four years.

As well as offering the combined-degree program, students may choose to complete their bachelor’s degree at Drew University in one of a variety of subjects ranging from art and music to business, social sciences, and history.

Living and Studying in Madison, New Jersey

For students enthralled with the work of J.K. Rowling, Drew University’s campus makes for a striking resemblance to the world of Harry Potter and Hogwarts. With buildings and architecture modeled after traditional British schools like Oxford and Cambridge, Drew offers a classical living environment with all of the modern amenities expected of a highly ranked institution. International students are often housed in the ‘International Village’ residence hall surrounded by vast greenery and lush forest. Located on a sprawling 186-acre campus in Madison, New Jersey, students are provided with a rural and natural space to live and study while sitting only an hour away from New York City by bus or train.

Applying to Drew University

Given Drew University’s excellent ranking and close ties to the Ivy League, applicants are expected to attain a minimum of 14/20 on the baccalaureate. Prospective applicants are also expected to provide official school transcripts translated from their native language to English, a personal statement covering why they want to study at Drew University, letters of recommendation, and verified IELTS or TOEFL language proficiency scores. A minimum score of 6.5 is recommended for the IELTS.

For students concerned with English proficiency, admission may be granted provided the student completes an integration program covering mixed language proficiency during their first year of study.

For more information about applying to Drew University or for recommendations on the best preparatory programs for the IELTS, please contact a member of the Study Experience team today.

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