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Adelphi University

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  • A world class university in New York !
  • No need to take the SAT
  • A pathway that combines english + first year

A member of the Shorelight prgoramme, Adelphi University offers extremely flexible courses. The first two or three semestres are tailor made to allow a smooth transition to the american culture and educational system. This academic, cultural and linguistic guidance is aimed at international students who wish to earn a Bachelors or Master degree in the United States.

Adelphi University: A Drone's-Eye View

Become the eye in the sky with our newest drone footage and get a full view of Adelphi's beautiful 75-acre campus. Our alumni often regard the University as a second home, and it's not hard to imagine...

L’université de ceux qui veulent changer le monde

Founded in 1896, Adelphi University is a special school. It is one of the few who can claim to have a partnership with the United Nations. They also have an International Leadership Coordination Committee whose aim is to promote the school around the world.

Adelphi’s campus is beautiful. It has a sports centre, a covered swimming pool, and several sports fields among others things. The university has many sports and cultural societies : a badminton club, a womens football team, a parkour club, a maths club, a society for latin or hispanic students, and many more.

Adelphi University is a member of Shorelight : a group of universities committed to offering an exceptional student experience for internationals arriving in the United States. Students on this programme have the ability to change their specialty at any moment, and they are assigned to small class sizes for a truly personalized learning exerience. They also receive 24/7 linguistic support. The aim of this programme is to facilitate the students transition to an american university. For the first two or three semestres, these students follow lessons with academic support allowing them to earn university credits. They also participate in programs that allow them to familiarise themselves with local culture.


Courses and Specialties : Human and Social Sciences

Adelphi University offers more than 50 different courses. The different departments are : Anthropology, Biology, Communication, Psychology, Sociology, Music, Philosophy, Mathematics, Political Science, and Economics. Alumni include Chuck D of Public Enemy, american novelist Alice Hoffman, and psychologist Paul Elkman.

Joining Adelphi University

To join Adelphi University via the Shorelight programme, you must have obtained a 12 average on the baccalaureat and a 5.0 on the IELTS.

A Years tuition at Adelphi University costs between 37 890$ and 42 990$ depending on the course. For accommodation, you can expect between 12 880$ and 26 520$ depending on the type of accommodation.

Living and studying in New York

Adelphi University is less than an hour away from central New York. Located in Garden City, East Queens, they offer a peaceful and safe environment only a few blocks away from the famous New York nightlife.

The Adelphi University campus is breathtaking : truly a botanical garden in which it’s not uncommon to come across squirrels or rabbits.

The university offers several accommodation options for all budgets and preferences. First year students, and particularly international students, have priority when it comes to on campus accommodation. Moving to the US to study can be an intimidating prospect and it’s not uncommon for students to give up on the idea before getting started. That’s why the shorelight programme was created. So if studying in the US is what you want, get in touch with with a Study Experience team member for more information.

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