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University of Liverpool

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Quick facts:

  • One of the best British universities
  • Member of the Russell Group (British equivalent of Ivy League)
  • Competitive courses in Engineering and Business

Member of the Russell Group, the University of Liverpool is ranked amongst the top 1% in the world when it comes to research and innovation. In the past 100 years, nine Nobel Prizes have been awarded to former students or researchers of the University of Liverpool. This University welcomes over 22,000 students and 1,300 researchers each year coming from 127 different countries.

Liverpool: an insider's guide

Energetic, spirited, beautiful, creative, ambitious...there is nowhere quite like Liverpool.

Prestigious studies at a Russell Group University

Founded in 1881 by Queen Victoria, the University of Liverpool is made up of thirty departments and offers both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. It has the most advanced science labs in all of Europe, a huge sports complex and numerous teachings facilities. Student life at the University of Liverpool is vibrant with more than 200 societies.

In 2015, the QS World University Rankings gave the University of Liverpool five stars: the highest grade possible. Each year, the University distributes the equivalent of £15 million in scholarships. 98% of graduates find a job or pursue post-graduate studies within one year after graduation.


Degree programmes and specialties

The University of Liverpool is renowned for its Veterinary Sciences degrees — ranked 9th in the world by the QS World University Rankings — as well as for its Geography, Mechanical Engineering, Architecture, Biology and Marine Biology degrees, as they are all ranked within the World Top 100.

For these degree programmes, the admissions team is very selective. The Veterinary Science, Architecture and Mechanical Engineering departments only consider students who have achieved a distinction in their Bac (with certain exceptions being made by the Architecture department if the candidate has a fantastic portfolio). For other degree courses, students must have achieved a pass in their Bac in order to apply.


Life and studies in Liverpool

The main campus of the university is located in the centre of Liverpool. Many neighbourhoods of this city are World Heritage sites and with a culturally rich history – including it being the birthplace of the Beatles – Liverpool is one of the most touristic destinations in Europe. In Liverpool, students represent 12% of the population. This cosmopolitan city has almost as many museums as London and has a very lively nightlife. Being the crossroads of Arts and Music, Liverpool is the perfect city in which to study. It is, after London, the city with the highest growth rate in England.

Accommodation options for students at the University of Liverpool are varied. Two student villages — the Carnatic Student Village and the Greenbank Student Village — welcome thousands of students each year. They have restaurants, bars, shops, study rooms, and health centres. The Student’s Union is present on both sites and organises multiple social activities. Both villages are located just 5 kilometres from the university.

Students also have the option to live on campus, in smaller student residences, Vine Court which also has a restaurant and a bar, and is close to all of the University’s infrastructures (library, swimming pool, gym). Prices start at £147 (204€) per week per room.


Apply to the University of Liverpool

Applications and admissions to the University of Liverpool are made through UCAS. Study Experience is specialised in supporting and helping international students through the UCAS application process.

The deadline for applications is usually on January 15th of each year for entry in September. Complete applications must include; a CV, a translated Baccalaureate transcript, IELTS score, and a personal statement. The Study Experience team assists students in the writing of their personal statement and directs them towards the most relevant IELTS preparation program according to their level and needs. In terms of English language requirements, the University of Liverpool requires a 6.0 to 7.0 score depending on the degree programme.

Higher studies in the UK represent a huge advantage for your future career. They are also a unique and unforgettable experience. London is not the only cool city in the UK! The University of Liverpool is a prestigious institution located in an exciting city, rich in culture and history.

For more information on degree programmes, scholarships and admission requirements, get in touch with a member of the Study Experience team.

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