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University of Gloucestershire

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Quick facts:

  • University founded in 1834
  • University renowned for its sports program
  • A traditional British campus

Many students contact Study Experience each year in order to apply for classic courses at English universities such as Business, International Relations, Medicine, Biology, Maths etc. However, it is becoming all the more popular to apply for unique degree programmes such as Sports Science. For those who are interested in this sector of study, Study Experience is proud to present the University of Gloucestershire that is particularly famous for its department of Sport and Exercise, but it also offers a wide range of degree programs at both undergraduate and postgraduate.

University of Gloucestershire Open Day Video

We're not a vast, faceless institution that treats students as numbers, not people. Study here and you'll be part of a close-knit, supportive community of staff and students, living and learning among...

A green campus

This university of Gloucestershire (UoG) has over 175 years of history behind it! UoG first opened in 1834 as the Cheltenham Mechanics’ Institute, growing tremendously over the past two centuries and obtaining its university status in 2001. Today, in addition to its excellent degree programs, UoG is reputed for its constant efforts in terms of sustainable development. UoG’s campus is one of the greenest in England, which makes it a frontrunner of the People and Planet Green League table (a ranking of the most environmentally friendly and ethical universities) since it was created. One year’s tuition fees cost £9,250.


Sport studies at the University of Gloucestershire

It goes without saying that the University of Gloucestershire offers both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in many disciplines. Business, human sciences, communications… Whatever it is you are looking for, you will find here! However, one of UoG’s undeniable areas of excellence is sports. Its research programs in this area are ranked amongst the UK’s top 20, so if you are passionate about physical exertion, the sports programmes at UoG will not only allow you to gain a greater understanding of the field, but also help your transition to the professional realm. Joining UoG is therefore an excellent platform for anyone wishing to pursue a career in Sports Management, Sports Coaching, Sports Therapy or Fitness.


Student life at the University of Gloucestershire

The two main campuses of the University of Gloucestershire (Park and Francis Close Hall) are located in Cheltenham. A third campus, Oxtalls, is located just a few minutes away from the historical centre of Gloucester.

UoG offers affordable accommodation options (with Wi-Fi access included) in both Cheltenham and Gloucester, allowing students to reside close to the location of their studies – a considerable advantage when studying abroad. Being specialised in sports, UoG also offers a wide range of world class sports facilities on campus that would give professional installations a run for their money!


Apply to the University of Gloucestershire

Applications and admissions to the University of Gloucestershire are made through UCAS. Study Experience is specialised in supporting and helping international students through the UCAS application process.

The deadline for applications is usually on January 15th of each year for entry in September. Complete applications must include; a CV, a translated Baccalaureate transcript, IELTS results, and a personal statement. The Study Experience team assists students in the writing of their personal statement and directs them towards the most relevant IELTS preparation program according to their level and needs. Regarding English entry requirements for the University of Gloucestershire, students must achieve a minimum IELTS score of 6.0 for undergraduate programs and 6.5 for postgraduate programs.

The University of Gloucestershire is the ideal option for anyone interested in sports and wishing to be part of a campus that is both respectful of the environment and involved in sustainable development. Its state-of-the-art facilities and its teachings based on ethics and performance guarantee academic and professional success to all its students, be them English or international.

For more information or to apply, get in touch with a member of the Study Experience team.

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