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For many students, choosing which country to begin their universities studies in is a tough decision to make, many choosing between the USA and the UK. Study Experience has therefore created a partnership with Richmond University, a truly international university which delivers USA accredited diplomas in London. The best of both worlds!

An introduction to Richmond University

A short film introduction Richmond the American International University in London

An American University in London

Founded in 1972, Richmond University (RU) was firstly known as Richmond College. Today the University offers programs accredited not only by the USA by the Commission on Higher Education of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools (or CHEMSACS) but also by the Open University in London (the UK’s most well-known long-distance educational institution). Students graduating from Richmond University have strong international mobility opportunities both in Europe and in the USA as well as an undeniable open-mindedness.


International Studies at Richmond University

RU offers undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes. The University offers many courses, but the majority are in applied and subject fields such as Business, International Relations, Marketing, Management, Economics and Finance. The University’s main goal is to prepare its students for the challenges of a globalised world, through both theoretical and practical teachings and assignments, in the American way. The Master’s in Business Administration offered by Richmond University is just one example of a gateway towards a position of responsibility in an international setting.


Live on an American campus in London

The university has two campuses, one in Richmond Hill and one in Kensington. Both offer student housing in which all first-year students are guaranteed a place. Student accommodation is homely and welcoming, allowing you to study in the best possible conditions. There is a gym, a university restaurant, cafés and Wi-Fi allowing you to keep in contact with your friends and family back in France. All in all, you have the possibility to live like an American student thanks to the facilities provided as well as the number of student clubs and societies which contribute to RU’s liveliness, all whilst being in London, a city known for its cultural and economic activities.


Apply to Richmond University

Unlike most UK teaching institutions, applications to Richmond University are not only made through UCAS. Students are also able to apply directly via the university’ website – this process is free if you use Study Experience (otherwise the University will charge an application fee). Do not hesitate to let your Study Experience advisor know about your wish to join Richmond University as they will provide you with a personal statement template as well as providing you with translation services. Submit your application well in advance (in October or November) in order to give yourself time to successfully pass the IELTS exam require for admissions.

If you are juggling between the idea of studying in the USA or in the UK, then why not choose Richmond University! With tuition fees equal to or even lower than those at other English institutions, students at RU obtain a college experience worthy of the most famous American universities! This is a brilliant way to begin an international career by combining the two best education systems, American and British!

For more information on programs and admission requirements, please contact a member of the Study Experience team. We would love to help !

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