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London South Bank University

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Quick facts:

  • Great public university in the center of London
  • Join the third year of Bachelor after a Bac+2
  • Over 25,000 students in this university created in 1892

England has a great number of prestigious universities. Many of them focus on the well-being of their students as well as on their professional growth. This is the case of the London South Bank University, a partner of Study Experience. Right in the center of the English capital, it is an ideal option for those wishing to live in London for their studies.

What our students say...- London South Bank University - LSBU

What our students say about studying at London South Bank University (LSBU)

Studying in London

Located in the heart of London, just a few steps away from Waterloo station, London South Bank University is one of the oldest universities in the capital city. Created in 1892, it now welcomes 25,000 students coming from 130 different countries. This university is renowned in the UK for the quality of its teachings. In addition to this, its graduates are some of the best paid in the UK. It is therefore a dynamic university, with a real strategy for its students’ future.

Programs at LSBU

LSBU offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Its most popular departments are those of Engineering, Health, and Business. LSBU has gained a strong reputation in France thanks to its various partnerships with academic institutions such as the Écoles Supérieures de Commerce, the École Centrale d’Électronique, the Institut de Gestion Sociale, and the Institut de Recherche et d’Action Commerciale. Students who hold a BTS or DUT can transfer into a third year of Bachelor degree.

Student life at LSBU

LSBU offer great accommodation options to its students: safe, comfortable, and affordable student halls and apartments right in the center of London. Rent is about £500 per month for a room in student halls. Moreover, the school has invested over £60 million since 2005 to completely renovate its facilities. Students on the business programme will appreciate the exceptional comfort of the Clarence Centre for Enterprise and Innovation, and the whole campus will be able to take advantage of the brand new Student Centre. LSBU is also equipped with free access computer terminals and Wi-Fi everywhere on campus.



Applications and admissions to LSBU are made through UCAS. Study Experience is a specialist in supporting and helping international students through the UCAS application process.

Deadline for applications is usually on January 15th of each year for entry in September. Complete applications must include: a CV, a translated Baccalaureate transcript, IELTS results, and a personal statement. The Study Experience team assists students in the writing of their personal statement and directs them towards the most relevant IELTS preparation program according to their level and needs. LSBU requires a minimum IELTS score of 6.0.


LSBU offers high quality programs, focused on employability, and delivered in a safe and dynamic environment. It is an ideal option for anyone wishing to study business in England. For more information or to apply, get in touch with a member of the Study Experience team.

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