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Coventry University

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Quick facts:

  • University ranked in the British Top 20 (The Guardian)
  • Possibility to transfer after a Bac +2
  • World renowned for its Engineering programs

Studying abroad does not always have to be expensive…

In order to give students the most choice possible and to adapt to different budgets, Study Experience has formed a partnership with Coventry University (CU) which has one campus in Coventry itself as well as one in London. CU offers bachelor degrees to students who have completed the BAC+2.

7 Great Reasons to Join Coventry University

Coventry University is a great place to study. Check out these great reasons to join . For more great reasons visit

A Bachelor in England post BTS or DUT

Coventry University is particularly recognised in France since the school has managed to secure numerous partnerships with prestigious French universities and higher education institutions. Renowned programmes, a beautiful campus, easy access, modern installations and reasonable prices… These are just some of the things that make CU so popular. Offering high quality degree programmes at bachelor, master and doctorate levels, there is something for everyone. A year of study costs £9,250.


Degree programmes at Coventry University

Located in a young, vibrant and dynamic city, Coventry University benefits from an excellent reputation in Engineering, IT, Arts, and Sciences. It is also one of the rare British universities to accept French student transfers straight into the third year of a Bachelor degree. French students who have already earned a BTS or DUT have the opportunity to apply to CU and get a world-renowned bachelor’s degree in just one year. Those interested in International Business have the chance to carry out their third year of their bachelor’s degree on the London campus.

Life and Studies at Coventry and in London

Every year, Coventry University attracts 5,000 international students. Coventry is the eighth largest city in the UK and is located just 1 hour away from London and 20 minutes from Birmingham by train. In addition to its famous Hub (the Students Union), as well as a state-of-the-art library and a Wi-Fi connection everywhere on campus, the university offers many accommodation options for a very affordable price. For less than 6,000€ per year, students can stay in a room located on campus, within close proximity to seminar and lecture rooms.

Coventry University also has an amazing campus in London, dedicated to Finance and Business studies. There, students specialise in accounting and economics or undertake a master’s degree in Hospitality Management, Tourism Management or Luxury Brand Management, with numerous opportunities to intern in the city.

Apply to Coventry University

Applications and admissions to Coventry University are made through UCAS. Study Experience is specialised in supporting and helping international students throughout the UCAS application process.

The deadline for applications is usually on January 15th of each year for entry in September. Complete applications must include; a CV, a translated Baccalaureate transcript, IELTS results, and a personal statement. The Study Experience team assists students in the writing of their personal statement and directs them towards the most relevant IELTS preparation program according to their level and needs. Regarding English entry requirements for Coventry University, students must achieve a minimum IELTS score of 6.0 for undergraduate programs and 6.5 for postgraduate programs.


Few institutions outside London offer programs as good as Coventry University. This is a great option for French students who have already earned a higher studies diploma which they wish to convert into a world-renowned bachelor’s degree.

For more information or to apply, get in touch with a member of the Study Experience team.

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