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Anglia Ruskin University

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Quick facts:

  • Renowned for its Arts department
  • Programs available after a Bac+2
  • Cambridge: one of the best student cities

Many students dream about studying in Cambridge. This city is synonym of excellence, and the high number of young people living there makes it a very pleasant destination. Anglia Ruskin University (ARU) offers many programs — especially in the arts and creative fields — right at the heart of this amazing city.

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Your studies in Cambridge, England

ARU offers degree programs at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Students who have a Bac+2 or equivalent can enter directly in third year of an undergraduate program. ARU is renowned for its programs in fine arts, art history, video-game design, illustration, drama therapy, and many more. The university also ranks high in psychology, law, commerce, and all careers related to video games. The school has various cultural venues such as the Mumford Theatre, the Ruskin Gallery, the Music Recital Hall or the Music Therapy Clinic.


Programmes at Anglia Ruskin University

The number of programmes on offer at Anglia Ruskin University is considerable, and range from diplomas to doctorates, as well as Bachelors and Masters. So whether you are at undergraduate or postgraduate level, you can find what you’re looking for. It’s worth mentioning that you can join a Bachelor programme directly in final year after a bac+2. Because of its history, Anglia Ruskin University is renowned for its arts programmes. The most creative among you can therefore study fine arts, game design, illustration or drama.  The drama therapy course could also interest those interested in theatre and psychotherapy. The university is nonetheless very highly ranked in other fields, like Psychology, Law, Business, or video games (as a matter of fact, Cambridge is home to 20% of all video game companies in England, including Sony’s european headquarters).

Bridge programs

For students who do not meet the admission requirements, Anglia Ruskin University offers an International bridge program. Students in this program are admitted in first year of undergraduate studies but take English classes in addition to their academic modules which are all taught in small groups. After passing their first year, students move on to second year of undergraduate studies in regular classes, with no extra English or academic modules.

Life in Cambridge

The city of Cambridge is one of the UK’s 10 most pleasant cities to live in. Anglia Ruskin University campus is located in Cambridge, but the school also has a second campus in Chelmsford, 30 minutes away from London.  Regarding accommodation, the school offers options starting at £3,600 per year. The learning environment at ARU has an excellent reputation, modern infrastructure and many cultural spaces like the Mumford Theatre, the Ruskin Gallery, the Music Recital Hall, or the musical therapy clinic. Students at ARU also have access to Cambridge Universitie’s research libraries. A stunning facility in one of the most reputable student cities in the U.K.

Join Anglia Ruskin University

Applications and admissions to Anglia Ruskin University are made through UCAS. Study Experience is a specialist in supporting and helping international students through the UCAS application process.

Deadline for applications is usually on January 15th of each year for entry in September. Complete applications must include: a CV, a translated Baccalaureate transcript, IELTS results, and a personal statement. The Study Experience team assists students in the writing of their personal statement and directs them towards the most relevant IELTS preparation program according to their level and needs.

Anglia Ruskin University is a great choice for anyone wishing to study in Cambridge and for all those interested in artistic and creative careers. For more information about admissions and programs, reach out to a member of the Study Experience team.

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