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Aberystwyth University

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Quick facts:

  • British students’ favourite university
  • The first university in the world to create a faculty dedicated to politics
  • A very highly ranked university, in the most pro-european town in the UK

Wales is often a forgotten destination when it comes to studying abroad. This country is nonetheless a lovely place to live, and is full of hidden gems and surprises, like Aberystwyth University. A pioneer on all fronts, this was the first university to accept women and also the first to open an international politics faculty.

What makes Aberystwyth special?

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Students’ favourite university

Aberystwyth University opened its doors in 1872, in an old hotel by the sea in Aberystwyth. The school had 26 students and three professors. During the 1960’s, the school expanded and relocated to a hill overlooking the town of Aberystwyth and the sea. Aberystwyth University – otherwise known as  « Aber » – is the oldest Welsh university, but also one of the most innovative.

Aber is the top Welsh university when it comes to student satisfaction, a category in which it is also in the UK Top 5. In order to maintain that standard, the university is planning to invest £100 million over the next three years in order to improve and expand residential and teaching infrastructure.

Aber has received numerous awards including best contribution to innovation and technology, from the Times Higher Education in 2013, but also the bronze medal awarded by Eco Campus for commitment to respect for the environment. On that topic, Aber is also the first Welsh university to have received the Green Flag Award, a prize rewarding the most beautiful parks and green spaces.

In terms of ranking, Aber is in the UK Top 40 universities and houses several departments that are among the best in the world in their field.


Degree programmes and specialties : International Politics and Environmental Science

Aberystwyth is well known for its politics, international relations, environmental science, creative writing, and theatre and history courses. Their Political Science, International Relations, Agriculture and Geography faculties are the most renowned and appear in the top 150 in the world according to QS Top Universities.

In total, the university has around twenty departments including : Art ; Computer science ; History and Welsh History ; Law and Criminology ; and Business and Management.


Living and studying in Aberystwyth

Aberystwyth was recently designated as the « best town in the UK » by the Urbanism Academy. Located on the west coast, the town offers the perfect environment for studying and relaxation.

The University has a very active international office whose mission is to accompany international students for the duration of their studies. The office has a mentoring programme where each first-year student is partnered with a second or third year student who have volunteered to be mentors . Mentors helps new arrivals to settle in and understand how the university operates.

Aberystwyth University has been named the « safest university » by the Daily Mail. The town is well-known for its low crime rate. What’s more is that university residences have security teams and security guards posted 24/7. Lastly, the University guarantees accommodation for first year students. There are several types of residences for different budgets and needs.

Aberystwyth is the perfect balance between a quality education and a memorable student experience. Wales is an excellent destination for studying abroad : less expensive than certain large English cities, but still one of the best places to live.


Apply to Aberystwyth University

Applications to Aberystwyth are made through UCAS, a centralised system common to all British universities. Study experience is specialised in guiding international students throughout the UCAS application process, and our team will gladly assist you in the process.

The deadline to apply is the 15th of January for students wanting to start in September. The application must include; a CV, a professionally translated transcript, your IELTS test scores, as well as a personal statement. Study Experience accompany many students in the writing of their personal statements and recommend the best IELTS preparation courses. Speaking of the IELTS, the required score for Aber ranges from 6.0 to 7.5 depending on the course.

To apply, you must have obtained your baccalaureate with a minimum of 12/20 average, but again a higher average can be required depending on the course. It’s also worth mentioning that students who have obtained at least 14/20 may be eligible for the « Excellence Bursary » in order to finance their studies. Yearly tuition fees at Aber are £9250 per year.

For more information, get in touch with a Study Experience team member.

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