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Master’s Package

If you are in your 3rd year of a Bachelor’s degree or have already validated a Bac +3 diploma, and wish to submit one or more applications to universities abroad, which are not part of our network of partners, then you can subscribe to our Masters package.

As part of this service, we offer assistance in preparing applications for five foreign universities of your choice.

The advantage of doing your Master abroad

More and more French students are going abroad to do their Master’s degree, and for good reason: companies are looking for international profiles and the practice of English is practically essential. Doing a Master’s degree abroad will help you stand out and give you much better opportunities in the world of work.

Let’s not forget the quality of some foreign universities. The highest ranked institutions in the world are located mostly in English-speaking countries (USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia…). You will find renowned professors but also state-of-the-art facilities. These universities offer academic and social guidance, allowing you to realise your potential more easily while developing your personal and professional network.

Another advantage of foreign Master’s is that there is a vibrant student culture! The Anglo-Saxon student culture is formed around associations, whether they are sport or cultural, but they will allow you not only to flourish personally but also to boost your CV and demonstrate your qualities beyond academics. All this is within an, often, beautiful and dynamic campus.

Professional integration is also a strong point of the Anglo-Saxon system: many Masters give you the opportunity to do an internship during your studies, for example. But more generally, companies collaborate extensively with universities, which allows students to have a foothold in the professional world throughout their studies.

A description of our “Master” service

Within our master’s package we offer the following services:

Targeting and Choosing Five Universities: A dedicated advisor will help you choose the universities and programs best suited to your profile and project. We will target five universities that genuinely fit you and in which you have every chance of being eligible.

Developing an application strategy: For each targeted institution, we will determine the best strategy to optimise your chances. What are the dates to bear in mind? Which exams or courses must I pass? What forms need to be provided? How to approach your letter of motivation and letters of recommendation? And much more…

Help writing the cover letter: the main piece of your application is undoubtedly the motivational letter, also called “Personal Statement”. We spend a lot of time with you in order to get the best possible personal statement. We will never propose writing this letter for you, but we will comment and correct your work to enable you to do a job that meets the expectations of the university and is representative of your academic abilities.

Help for the constitution of C.V: at the Master’s level, a CV will almost always be requested. However, an English academic CV does not necessarily resemble what you have been used to doing so far. We will refine and correct this CV with you, in order to obtain the best possible result.

Proofreading the application before submission: once you have completed your application for registration (online or by paper), we will reread everything to ensure that everything is well completed, abiding by the rules and restrictions; and ensure no essential information is missing.

 A dedicated adviser: throughout the process, until your departure, a dedicated advisor will be at your disposal to answer all your questions.

Other services you can benefit from:

  • Editing one or more applications for our partner universities at no additional cost
  • Sworn translation service for your documents (€38/page)

We would be accompanying you in all the stages of your project, from the initial orientation, until your departure, while optimising your applications. By clicking here, you will find a summary of Study Experience services.

Why use Study Experience?

Study Experience is a consulting firm that specialises in supporting young people who go study abroad. Study Experience counsellors have been trained to provide you with the best possible advice. They are wholly familiar with foreign education systems. Our support allows you to apply to the right institutions and to create the best possible application in order to optimise your chances of admission in the programme of your dreams.

Since 2009, Study Experience has supported thousands of students in their study abroad project, including at the most prestigious universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, McGill and University of Queensland. Our founder, Marc McHugo, is also the author of the reference books “Studying in the United Kingdom”, published in 2013, and “Studying in Canada”, published in 2015.

How much does the Master’s package cost?

Our Master package is offered at €900 TTC. You will find all the details of our tariffs by clicking on this link.

For any further information, do not hesitate to contact us. Our first appointment is always free and will allow you to refine your project!

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