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Study in the UK

Studying in the UK is a unique opportunity to discover one of the oldest and most renowned education system in the world. Since the creation, in the middle ages, of the prestigious universities of Oxford and Cambridge, higher education in the UK has diversified and has opened its doors to everyone. Today, students are able to choose from more than 200 universities and 20,000 programs. Students from all around the world wish to study in the UK so good grades and a compelling application are the key!

Study in the UK with Study Experience

To help you find your way in this academic maze, we have made our expertise available to you. We will help you along the way, from choosing a university to settling down in the UK.

Study Experience will provide you with helpful, professional advice that will allow you to choose, with confidence, the program and the university most suited for you. Our advisors are trained by the British Council and are certified by UCAS, the only platform for undergraduate applications in the UK. Thanks to our administrator status on UCAS, we are able to ensure the quality and conformity of your application before submitting it.

If you wish to pursue a master’s degree in the UK, we will also be able to optimise your application and increase your chances of being accepted into the university of your choice.

Higher studies in the UK: advice, services and universities

Helping you study in the UK

Study Experience assists students in choosing a course and a university, in putting together their application, and in preparing for their departure in order to optimise their chances of being accepted into a British university.

The British higher education system

The British higher education system is one of the best in the world, with numerous universities ranking in the world’s top 100. It is fairly different from the French system and it is not always easy to understand. Here is a page to give you an overview of how it works. Read more

Support with the UCAS procedure

Study Experience advisors were the first in France to be recognised by the British Council for their expertise in terms of advice on higher education in the UK. We have designed a UCAS support scheme (British equivalent to Admissions Post Bac in France) to help you to choose the best universities and to create the best possible application.Each year since 2010, 100% of our students receive at least one offer from a university. Read more

Our partner universities in the UK

Study Experience handpicks with care its partner universities in order to guarantee a high quality education and an internationally recognised diploma for its students. We understand their expectations and are therefore able to guide and advise you in your course selection.

For more information on studying in the UK, do not hesitate to contact us!

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