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Victoria University of Wellington

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Quick facts:

  • A prestigious university in the height of the capital
  • Wellington: new Zealand’s cultural centre
  • Programs from all levels

Victoria University of Wellington is worldly renowned for its research departments. Created in 1897, this institution attracts professors and students from all over the world. In addition to its Masters and Postdoctoral programs, the University also offers undergraduate programs and foundation year programs of the highest quality.

A Day in the Life of a Victoria University Student from Wellington

A Complete training

Victoria University of Wellington is the first university for research in New Zealand. Teaching is focused on the development of communication skills, analytical and creative thinking, as well as a leadership spirit.


Programs and specialties

Victoria University of Wellington offers numerous programs recognized as some of the best in the world. Its Law programs rank 49th in the QS top universities rankings. Its programs in History and Archaeology, Accounting and Finance, Sociology, and Linguistics, all made the top 100.

The University holds many partnerships with government agencies, companies, organizations, and research institutes based in New Zealand and abroad. Regardless of the program chosen, students receive an excellent training, enlightened by a global perspective and based on experience and critical thinking.

Victoria University of Wellington counts a total of nine departments: Architecture and Design, Education, Engineering, Humanities, Law, Business, Development Studies, English Language and Literature, Geography, Psychology, Education, and Art & Design.

The University offers a Foundation Studies program. It is directed at international students who do not meet the English requirements of the university. In this program, students gain in confidence and acquire the necessary skills to pursue higher studies. Small classes allow for personalized teachings and fast progress. At the end of their eight-months program, students who have validated their subjects will automatically be accepted in the degree of their choice. At the end of each semester, the best students will even receive a NZ$5,000 scholarship to pursue their studies at Victoria University.


Join Victoria University

Admissions at Victoria University are on application only. Students are advised to send their applications at least two months before the beginning of classes. Obtaining a student visa can take up to 6 weeks. Each application must include a filled application form, baccalaureate transcripts, a personal statement, a letter of recommendation, and a proof of English proficiency. To join an undergraduate degree at Victoria University of Wellington students must achieve a minimum IELTS score of 6.0. For masters’ degrees, students need a minimum score of 6.5.

Tuition fees usually amount to €19,000 per year. However, the school has scholarships exclusively dedicated to international students.


Student life in Wellington

Wellington is the capital of New Zealand. It is an ideal city for students wishing to experience a dynamic and welcoming environment. Considered as the creative heart of New Zealand, this capital is rich in cultural events; it is also surrounded by breathtaking landscapes and natural sites.

New Zealand is one of the safest countries in the world. Its inhabitants are known for their kindness and their laid-back attitude. Crime rate in Wellington is extremely low compared to other capitals.

International students joining Victoria University have various accommodation options. A room in student halls costs about €5,700 per year; a room in student halls with three meals a day or a room with a homestay family costs between 7,000€ and 8,700€ per year.

Victoria University of Wellington is a historical University whose main values are the development of a critical and creative mind. Studying in this prestigious university represents an exceptional experience. Moreover, the quality of life in Wellington is outstanding; it is the ideal place to study and have fun. Do not hesitate to get in touch with a Study Experience advisor for more information on Victoria University of Wellington and its programs.

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