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The CAO Package

Central Applications Office (CAO) Help Services

Regardless of the field of study you are interested in, if you wish to study in Ireland, you will need to go through the Central Applications Office (CAO) to apply for entry acceptance.


What exactly is CAO?

The CAO is a platform, like ParcourSup in France. If you want to apply to an Irish university for a Bachelor’s degree or below, you must go through CAO to send your application off. This system centralizes applications for admission to universities, colleges, and institutes of technology and is responsible for submitting your application to the various institutions that you have selected.

The CAO is also the platform that allows you to follow your applications once the files have been created and sent: this is the way universities answer you and / or ask you for more information.

How can we help you?

We must admit that the CAO process is quite complex! Irish high school students have the support of a school counsellor or an external consultant and, although this is not an absolute requirement, foreign students are also strongly advised to be accompanied by a specialist. That’s why Study Experience offer a complete service to help you with all registration procedures!

In addition to our advice for choosing a curriculum tailored to your profile, you will be assured of an optimized record that greatly increases your chances of acceptance.


What does the Study Experience Service include?

Study Experience counsellors have years of experience when it comes to editing academic records and supporting students.

Our CAO support is a flat rate service, which includes the following services:

  • A dedicated advisor will start by helping you to target the universities and programs that suit you best. You can submit 10 applications as part of a CAO file and it is important to make thoughtful and strategic choices. Above all, it is crucial to ensure that you apply to universities that match your academic level as well as your personal project. You will live in one of these universities for 3 or 4 years of your life and it is a choice that should not be done lightly!
  • Study Experience will take care of all the administrative aspects of your file. We can create your folder on the platform and manage it for you. We make sure that everything is well informed in the rules of art and that the application deadlines are well respected.
  • Once your file is completed and sent, we will follow up with you.
  • Once your acceptance is confirmed, your advisor will help you prepare your departure (housing organization, insurance, financing etc.)

How much does our CAO package cost?

Our CAO pack is sold at 900 EUR TTC – you will find all our services and our prices by following this link!

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact one of our advisors – We will answer you quickly and accurately!

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