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Galway Business School

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Quick facts:

Located in a stunning modern building overlooking the atlantic ocea, Galway Business School (GBS) offers tailor made programmes. In just one year, it’s possible to earn a Bachelor in Business Management : a significant advantage for an international career. The school also offers a Study Abroad programme to perfect your english in ideal surroundings

GBS Prague Study Abroad Trip

Students of Bachelor of Business (Honours) with International Business visiting Prague in Czech Republic during their Study Abroad Trip. The study abroad trip adds practical and experiential aspect to...

Get a bachelor’s degree in Ireland in just one year

Founded in 1989, Galway Business School enjoys an exceptional location in the la baie de Galway, on the west coast of Ireland. This school offers tailor made courses to adapt to the needs of each and every student. There are around thirty classrooms, and spacious and luminous and equipped with free Wi-Fi connection. The school also has a common room that can accommodate up to 120 people at any one time, as well as many other rooms where students can work, chat, or relax. A library with a vast online and paper catalogue is also at their disposal. GBS’ cafe-restaurant offers various dining options, and an unbelievable view on the bay. The school is surrounded by gardens and the beach is only a stone’s throw away ! It’s an idyllic setting to study and relax.

The professors at GBS are experts in their fields and combine traditional teaching methods with innovative techniques. Students benefit from personalized support no matter their course. More than 30 nationalities are represented in this school famous for its « top up » programmes and its many partnerships with local businesses. Accredited by many national and international agencies, like the irish ministry of education, and the international association of language centres (IALC), GBS is a top class institution.

Courses and Specialties

BA in Business Management Honours Top-Up

This course allows you to earn a Bachelor’s degree in on year. In this programme, stuetns learn how companies operate ; they explore different management styles and business strategies. GBS goes to great lengths to train the business managers of tomorrow through research and analysis projects, as well as group projects and presentations. Students learn to prepare business plans and strategic plans. GBS has many advantages such as reduced class sizes , its interactive apporach, and its partnerhsips with local businesses. To join this programme, students must hold at least 120 ECTS credits and have an IELTS score of at least 6.0.

BA Business Management

After getting you baccalaureat, you can join the Bachelor in management. You will learn all the basics of managing a company in an irish, european, and intenrational context. This course lasts 3 years and is the eauivalent of a licence in France : after this course, you can apply for a masters programme in Ireland, but also anywhere else in the world. In fact, it’s worth thinking about joining a french business school after this : you can get in on your academic record alone with no need for entrance exams.

Study Abroad

This one year course offers two levels of intensity , 20 or 30 lessons per week (each lesson is 45 minutes). It’s the ideal option for students whose ambition is to become fluent in english ! Even complete beginners are welcome. It’s possible to start throughout the year, and the duration is flexible. There is however a minimum of 25 weeks. Furthermore, GBS offers excellent transfer option to its business programmes for those already in teh Study Abroad programme. Tuition fees for this course are €165 per week.

Whatever the programme, students at GBS can enjoy the entrepreneurial spirit that drives this institution to align its academic programmes with the realities of the job market.

Living and studying in Galway

Irish culture is rich, thanks to its history but also their modern day exports: from Oscar Wilde to U2, Ireland has always been the cradle of creativity and art. for a country of only 6.5 million inhabitants, its influence on the rest of the world is colossal : the Riverdance and Guiness are appreciated everywhere in the world.

Galway is a city particularly touristy and student friendly city. Almost a quarter of inhabitants are attending university. GBS offers two main housing options : student residences, or host families.

In residences or with a family, students have a single room and potentially their own bathroom. Meals are not included in the residences, and host families prepare breakfast and dinner during the week and three meals a day during the weekend. Fees for living in student residences are €180 per week, and €200 per week for host families.

Studying at Galway Business School guarantees you an international career. Whatever programme you choose, your studies will be in expert hands. For more information, get in touch with Study Experience team member.

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