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Study in Ireland

Many reasons push students to go study in Ireland: an affordable cost of life, renowned universities, professional prospects, geographical proximity to France, welcoming locals, and many more. Some may fear at first that the accent will be hard to grasp, but it is easy to get used to it, especially once you are fully immersed. Moreover, most university professors have “neutral” accents, and other students come from many different parts of the UK and of the world.

The Irish higher education system resembles the British model, and diplomas from Irish universities are as recognized as those from their British counterparts. Ireland is home to seven universities. Each has its own specialty yet all offer a high level of teaching and outstanding facilities.

Study in Ireland: advice and services

Helping you study in Ireland

Study Experience assists students through every step of the way: from choosing a program and a university, to putting together an application and preparing for departure. Visit this page to learn more about how we can optimize your chances of joining a university in Ireland.

Partner universities in Ireland

Study experience handpicks the best universities so you can study in Ireland in the best conditions. We understand our partners’ expectations and will therefore be able to give you relevant advice regarding your application. Visit this page to learn more about our partner universities.

Practical information on Ireland

Discover Ireland and its culture prior to departure. Visit this page to learn more about this wonderful destination.


For more information on studying in Ireland, do not hesitate to reach out to us!


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