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Canada : Our Services

Helping you apply to Canadian universities

Study Experience offers support to students wishing to apply to the best French-speaking and English-speaking universities in Canada. We hold partnerships with various English-speaking universities offering programs at all levels, and in many different subjects.

Study Experience benefits from a unique expertise on the Canadian higher education system. Marc McHugo, the founder of Study Experience, is also the author of Étudier au Canada, published by Studyrama in 2015.


For those of you who aim to study in Quebec, Study Experience has created an exclusive service package that allows you to apply to all Quebec schools. The Quebec higher education system is very attractive for French students: first because classes tend to be taught in French, second because tuition fees are extremely low (about $6,000 per year instead of the $20,000 paid by other International students). Thanks to Study Experience, applying to McGill, Concordia, HEC, Montreal, UdeM, Laval, Sherbrooke or Bishop’s has never been so easy.


Colleges are an interesting opportunity for foreign students: it allows them to study for less, while giving them access to some of the best universities. Students can complete their first two years of higher education in a college then transfer to a university such as McGill, UBC, or Toronto.


If you are looking for a unique experience to perfect your English, Study Experience can present you with a selection of programs. From simple English classes to an immersive program within a Canadian college, or a year combining work experience and an English language course, we will help you find the ideal program for you.




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