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Study in Canada

The Canadian higher education system is very similar to its counterpart in the USA, and Canadian diplomas benefit from international recognition. Regardless of the specialty you wish to study, there is a program and a university for you. Studying in Canada is also a springboard to a work visa as you will have an opportunity to reside in Canada after your studies. One year of studies gives you the right to remain in the country and work for one year. Similarly, a four-year program such as a Bachelor’s degree gives you the right to remain in Canada and work for four years after graduation.


Study in Canada with Study Experience

Our knowledge of Canada and of its higher education system allows us to assist you throughout your project to study abroad: from choosing the right course and the right university to settling down in your new home.

With Study Experience you will know exactly what to do, what to expect, and how to prepare for your studies. You can pursue your studies in Canada stress-free.


Our services in Canada

With Study Experience, studying in Canada has never been easier. We advise you and help you put together your university applications. Discover our Quebec Service Pack to apply to universities such as McGill, Concordia, HEC Montréal, and Laval. Visit this page to learn more about our services.


Canadian higher education system

The Canadian higher education system takes its inspiration from its counterpart in the USA. For more information about the way it is structured and the diplomas it delivers, visit this page.


Partner universities

Study Experience carefully handpicks its Canadian partner universities. All of our partners offer high-quality teachings and deliver diplomas that are recognized in France. Visit this page to learn more about our Canadian university partners.


Do not hesitate to contact our advisors to learn more or to ask questions. We will be happy to help!

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