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William Angliss Institute of TAFE

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  • Studies that combine work and classes
  • Specialised in hospitality, food industry and tourism
  • Melbourne : best place to live in the world

Taking a professional course in Australia is possible! Courses in Australia aren’t exclusively for students who want to follow a typical structure of 3,4,5 or 8 years . On the contrary, there are a large number of schools that offer shourt courses, with the aim of preparing you for the job market as quickly as possible. William Angliss, in Melbourne and long time Study Experience partner, is one of these schools…

William Angliss Institute Future Students

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Professional courses in Melbourne

The William Angliss institute of TAFE, its full name, is a school based in Melbourne and specialised in tourism, hospitality, and the food industry. Founded in 1940, it gets its name from its patron, businessman William Charles Angliss. Originally a school for butchers, bakers, pastry chefs and cooks, the school has since broadened its horizons but remains firmly a TAFE (Technical and further education) whose calling is to teach a trade to its students. William Angliss is very well regarded in the region, most notably in asian countries. A semester of tuition costs around 7000 australian dollars (or 4800€), which makes it an affordable school.

Courses at William Angliss

William Angliss have made it their mission to teach you a trade, in order to faclitate your entry into the job market. The programmes on offer range from Certificates to Bachelor Degrees to Diplomas and Advanced Diplomas, which are very popular among people searching for short, applied courses. The three specialties of the school are hospitality, tourism, and the culinary arts, and the school regularly receives awards for the quality of its teaching in these areas. In 2013, the school received the National Travel Industry Award from the Australian Federation of Travel Agents. It’s worth mentioning that as well as the main installation in Melbourne, the school has a campus in Singapore which explains its popularity in Asia.

Living in Melbourne

Melbourne, the largest city in south-east Australia, is the cultural capital of the country. It hosts numerous festivals, concerts and sporting events, allowing you access to many professional opportunities in your area of study. The climate is temperate, which means that the seasons are very distinct, even though it rarely snows. The campus is extremely well-equipped : 100 classrooms, 3 practice restaurants, 11 kitchens, 4 pastry workshops, a confectionary workshop, and the famous Wine Sensory Evaluation Centre, destined to form the best sommeliers in the country. Everything is therefore in place to allow you to perfect your talents at maximum speed. The school also offers assistance in finding accommodation for international students.

How to join William Angliss

The admissions procedure at William Angliss is rather simple. Once you have identified the programme that interests you, you just need to fill in the international student application form and submit it to the school via Study Experience, along with your IELTS test results (a minimum score of 5.5 is required) and your officially translated transcripts.

If you want to learn a trade rather than theoretical courses, William Angliss Institute of TAFE is the perfect school for you. Thanks to its comfortable and modern facilities and applied teaching, you will access the world of work as quickly as possible, equipped with real know-how. In short, if you fancy a professional course in Australia, consider an application to William Angliss !

If you want to find out more about William Angliss or if you have any other questions, get in touch with a Study Experience advisor.

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