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Murdoch University

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Quick facts:

Murdoch University is a public university based in Perth, Australia. Its enormous campus, spread over 227 hectares (!), and its outstanding infrastucture have solidified its reputation in several disciplines including : veterinary studies, law, journalism and engineering.

Welcome to Murdoch University!

Murdoch University is committed to creating a truly international community and offers degrees in many global locations. Learn more at


The largest campus in Australia

Murdoch University hosts 22 000 students, of which 2000 are internationals from 90 different countries, and champions an open-minded culture. The university is renowned for the excellence of its teaching, for its research, but also for the great care it takes for its students. Located at 15km to the south of Perth, the university is spread over 227 hectares ; it is the largest campus in the country. These vast expanses allow them to host infrastructure that would not look out of place in the best american universities.

Murdoch University is part of the Innovative Research Universities group, a gathering of the best research universities in Australia. Its research departments are famous nationally and internationally, most notably in the fields of chemistry, biotechnological agriculture, clinical sciences and medical microbiology.

At Murdoch University, international students benefit from an exceptional amount of support. The university has been rewarded for its staff to student ratio several times. New arrivals are therefore well taken care of.

Employability is at the core of the teaching at Murdoch University. The school boasts an orientation center, which helps students write up their CV and look for internships. The staff also coach students for job interviews. For all the courses offered at Murdoch University, the educators work hand in hand with companies, charities, and governmental agencies ; together they establish practical projects that the students take part in. This type of teaching prepares students to the reality of working life.

Courses and specialties : veterinary studies, law, engineering, and journalism

Very few universities can compete with the infrastructure on offer at Murdoch Univesity. The university has its own veterinary clinic with world class equipment, and its also the only facility in Australia that has its own stables. For its chiropractic course, Murdoch University again has its own clinic made up of 11 consultation rooms and a re-education gym. Students train with renowned chiropracters and real patients. The school also has its own mock courtroom, an accurate replica which allows students to recreate real-life trials. For the engineering courses, the university owns many state of the art workshops – the best in the region. And finally, the arts centre has its own radio and television studio, a press room, digital postproduction studios and much more. The journalism courses are very highly regarded.

The university has nine faculties in all : public administration and international relations ; engineering and IT ; business and politics ; arts and social sciences ; health sciences ; psychology and sports science ; education ; law ; veterinary studies and biology. A years tuition costs about 27 000 Australian dollars, or 19 000 euros. There are multiple scholarships available to international students.

Living and studying in Perth

In 2015, Perth was named one of the top 10 places to live in the world by The Economist. As the capital of western Australia, it is a lively and multicultural city with a pleasant climate. It is chock full of tourist and cultural hotspots, shopping opportunities, and natural landmarks.

Murdoch University have student residences in the heart of the campus these residences include flatshares or studios. There are other perks too such as volleyball courts, swimming pools,and common rooms.

Murdoch University is an institution with exceptional infrastructure ; It’s ideal for high flying studies in the australian sun. For more information, get in touch with a Study Experience team member.



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