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Curtin university

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Quick facts:

  • One of the best modern universities in the world
  • Unique programs in petroleum engineering & mining
  • Exciting professional opportunities in western Australia

Curtin University is the largest university in western Australia, and also the most diverse. With more than 16 000 international students, Curtin was ranked the 23rd most international university in the world in 2016 (Times Higher Ecuation) !

The Curtin campus experience!
Friends, learning, food, business, fun, architecture, science, art, fashion, movies... just part of what Western Australia's largest and most diverse university -- Curtin Uni...

Study in Perth, Australia

Curtin University has many campuses. The main campus is in Perth, on the west coast of Australia ; the others are in Singapore and Malaysia. The university’s infrastructure rivals that of the greatest american universities. For example, Curtin has it’s own fully functional trading floor in which Business School students can learn the intricacies of the stock market. The university houses a state of the art chemistry research center – the result of 116 million australian dollars worth of investment, and the art school is equipped with high-tech digital creation labs.


The university is undergoing a huge expansion, with the aim being to turn the campus into a cultural hub by 2030. New technologies are deployed at every level to allow the students of the ten faculties to have the best possible experience. The university banks on intelligent and sustainable designs to create quality public spaces and improved social interactions. As such, Curtin University have deployed food-trucks on campus, as well as an open air cinema. Once a week, there is even a farmers’s market on campus, where students can purchase quality fresh produce. The university also possess impressive sporting facilities such as a stadium, several gyms including one specifically for female students. Culture-wise, the John Curtin Gallery hosts many expositions : works from art and design students, but also international artists. And finally, in terms of shops on campus, there are multiple book stores, travel agencies, banks, computer shops and even a hairdresser.

Classes and specialties : Business, Health Sciences, Social Sciences and Engineering


At Curtin University, the programs are designed in collaboration with professionals from the relevant industries, entrepreneurs and government agency officials. The objective is to provide students with an education in line with the realities of the job market.

The university has ten faculties ; Business, management and law ; Agriculture, environment and sustainable development ; Engineering and mining ; Computer science ; Physics and Mathematics ; Health ; Art and the creative industries ; Architecture and Construction ; Education ; Culture, langauges and indigenous studies. In 2015, Curtin University was ranked in the top 100 in the world for its education, architecture ; and art & design programmes. That same year, they were also in the top 100 in the world for chemical engineering and earth and marine sciences.

Students wishing to join Curtin University must have a Baccalaureat with an average of 12/20, and a minimum IELTS score of 6.5 to 7.0. For those lacking the required fluency in english, Curtin Univesity have specialized intensive english language lessons. These programmes last from two months to a year and prepare students for entry to Curtin University.

Living and Studying

Perth was named one of the world’s ten most enjoyable places to live in by The Economist in 2015. Perth is the capital of western Australia. It’s a buzzing and multicultural city with a lovely climate. There are many cultural and tourist landmarks, shopping outlets and gorgeous nature in the surrounding area. In terms of leisure, there are many cafes, bars and live music venues.

Curtin University offers student accommodation for students who wish to live on campus. These residences include 24h security patrols. All the shops and services are within walking distance, as are the classrooms.

Curtin University is a university undergoing incredible expansion that values the wellbeing of its students above all. Renowned for the quality of its programmes, this is a first class destination for a bachelor or masters degree. For more information, get in touch with a Study Experience team member.

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