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Help with university applications in Australia

Study Experience helps students put together their university application to go study in Australia. Our Study Experience advisors have been trained by the Australian government and by PIER, an authority in charge of regulating the promotion of Australian education abroad. With Study Experience, students can apply to an unlimited number of universities in Australia. That being said, our job is also to help you narrow down your choices and focus all your energy on applying to the most relevant institutions based on your profile and your objectives.

After we have established what institutions you want to apply to, we will help you put together the best possible application to maximize your chances of success. Then we will help you prepare your departure (visa procedures, accommodation, insurance, airport transfers, etc.). You can travel with peace of mind and rest assured that you have made the right decision and that you know what to expect once you arrive.

Studies in Australia: something for every level

Whether you are looking for a short course, English language classes, a Bachelor’s degree, a Master’s degree, or a PhD, Study Experience can help you.


English classes in Australia: we offer numerous linguistic programs in Australia. General English classes, official English  exam preparation, specialized English courses, and many more can be found on our “language programs” page.


Short courses in Australia: after a baccalaureate or a bachelor’s degree, students may consider taking a short course in a college or an Australian university. You will be able to pursue a semester of studies within a university in order to discover the Australian university life and to acquire an experience abroad to enhance your CV.

After a French licence you may consider pursuing a Graduate Certificate. Finally, students looking for a more vocational pathway can find equivalents to the French BTS or DUT in Australia.


Post-baccalaureate studies in Australia: after earning your baccalaureate, you have the opportunity to apply to a Bachelor’s degree, the equivalent to a French licence. Australian diplomas are recognized in France, which means you will be able to pursue a Master’s degree in your home country after a Bachelor’s in Australia. Depending on the grades you have achieved at your baccalaureate you might be able to enroll in some of the most prestigious Australian universities. Note that over half of Australian universities are in the world’s top 500; no other country in the world matches this.


Study in Australia after a Bac +2: Thanks to Study Experience’s network of partners in Australia, French students who have earned a BTS or DUT can now transfer straight to year three of a Bachelor’s degree. The University of the Sunshine Coast, for instance, is one of the rare institutions to recognize those French diplomas.


Master’s degree in Australia: French licences are recognized in Australia and open doors to postgraduate studies. Master’s degrees in Australia usually take two years to complete and are equivalent to a French M2. Studying in Australia for two years gives you access to a two-year working visa: a great springboard for those wishing to settle down and work for good in Australia.


Research in Australia: Australian universities are worldly renowned for their research departments. If you wish to undertake a PhD in Australia we can help you choose the right university and the right academic advisor. We will help you put your application together and find scholarships. The great majority of our students obtain financial help for their PhD.


If you are interested in pursuing your studies in Australia, contact us now! We will make all our expertise available to you to help you find the ideal study program in Australia.

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