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Our Masters Service

If you are in the third year of a degree porgramme, or you have already got a degree, and you want to apply to masters programmes abroad that is not with one of our partner universities, why not use our Masters service ?

As part of this service, we will support you in putting together applications to five universities.

The benefits of doing a Masters abroad

A growing number of students are leaving to do their masters abroad, and with good cause : companies are looking for graduates with an international tint and mastery of english is often a minimum requirement. Doing your masters abroad allows you to stand out and will give you better opportunities on the job market.

It’s also worth bearing in mind the quality of foreign universities. The best ranked universities in the world are mostly in english-speaking countries (USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia…). There you will find world famous professors and cutting edge facilities. These universities offer not only academic but also social support, allowing you to fully fulfill your potential and develop your personal and professional networks.

The other advantage of masters abroad : a vibrant student culture ! Anglo-Saxon student culture is built around societies, sporting or otherwise, that allow you to develop personally and boost your CV and show your qualities beyond the purely academic. All of this set in often beuatiful campuses.

Professional integration is also a stron point of anglo-saxon universities : many masters programmes offer your the possibility of doing an internship during your studies. But more generally, companies frequently collaborate with universities to allow students to keep one foot in the professional world for the duration of their studies.

A breakdown of our Masters service

As part of our Masters service, we offer the following :

  • Targeting of five universities: a qualified advisor will help you identify the universities and courses that are best suited to your plans. We will target five universities that are an excellent match for you, and in which you have every chance of being admitted.
  • Putting together an application strategy: we will develop a strategy for each and every target university to maximize your chances. What are the deadlines ? What exams are required ? What forms to fill in ? How to approach the personal statement and references ? And much more…
  • Advice on writing your personal statement: the centrepiece of your application is without a doubt your personal statement. We spend a considerable amount of time with you in order to produce the best statement possible. We would never write it for you, but we will comment on and correct your work to allow you to exceed the standards expected by the unviersity and to best put forward your academic abilities.
  • Advice on putting together your C.V: at masters level, you will be asked for a C.V. An anglo-saxon academic C.V does not necessarily resemble what you may be familiar with. We will help you refine and correct your C.V so that you can put your best foot forward.
  • Proofreading the application before send off: once the application is complete, we check it in its entirety to make sure that everything is perfect and nothing is missing.
  • A dedicated advisor: during the whole process and until your departure, an advisor will be at your disposal to answer your questions.


Other optional services :

  • Applications for one or more partner universities at no additional cost.
  • Certified translation service for your documents (38€/page)


We are here to support you every step of the way, from the inital guidance all the way to your departure. Click here to learn more about our services.

Why use Study Experience ?

Study Experience is an agency specialized in helping students who want to study abroad. Study Experience advisors are trained to bring you the best advice possible and are extremely familiar with foreign educational systems. Our support allows you to apply to the right universities and to put together the best possible application to maximize your chances of success.

Since 2009, Study Experience has accompanied thousands of students in their journey to study abroad, sending them to the very best universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, McGill, or the University of Queensland. Our founder, Marc McHugo, is also the author of « Etudier au Royaume-Uni« , published in 2013, et « Etudier au Canada », published in 2015.

The cost of our Masters service

Our Masters service is priced at €900. You can find all the details on our prices by clicking here.

For further information, please get in touch with a Study Experience team member.


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