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ONCAMPUS – University of Amsterdam

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Quick facts:

The ONCAMPUS center located in Amsterdam offers foundation year programs to join one of the two most prestigious institutions in the Netherlands:  the University of Amsterdam and the University of Applied Sciences of Amsterdam. These programs are directed at ambitious students wishing to pursue their higher studies abroad. All classes are taught in English.

About the University of Amsterdam

The University of Amsterdam (UvA) is highly internationally oriented. This is reflected in the curricula of the various study programmes and the University's research activities and organisational cul...

Prepare for an international career at the University of Amsterdam

The foundation year program offered by ONCAMPUS is the only one to be taught directly on the campus of the partnering universities. In opposition to France, admissions into university in the Netherlands are through application only. It is therefore essential to be well-prepared. The Foundation Year programs are directed at international students who do not yet meet the universities’ admission requirements; who do not have a sufficient level of English, or the required grades to enter directly in first year. Since 2008, ONCAMPUS has helped over 4000 students to obtain a place in the university of their choice. The group offers flexible programs of the highest quality in the following subjects: Business and economy; political studies; psychology; law; economy, international business and management.

In 2015-2016, the University of Amsterdam is in the top 30 of the best European universities, and its notoriety keeps growing. It counts over 2,500 international students and researchers coming from 100 different countries. The University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam is one of the greatest institutions for business training in the country. Thanks to its partnerships with multinationals such as Nike, Google or even Microsoft, it guarantees it students high-quality internships. It counts 14,000 international students coming from 70 different countries.

The program in detail

The program lasts one year, divided into three semesters. All students validating this program are guaranteed a place in one of the two partnering universities. During this foundation year, students take English classes as well as three academic subjects of their choice. English is integrated to the options they choose and additional English classes are available.

The University of Amsterdam is recognized for its excellence in economy and business; as well as in political sciences, psychology, and economy (PPLE). Students choose to specialize in one of those two pathways. They attend 26 hours of weekly teachings as well as regular face-to-face meetings with a personal advisor. ONCAMPUS students are assessed throughout the year and also take exams at the end of the program. During their year of study, they receive a student card giving them access to all the facilities and equipment of the university.

ONCAMPUS also organizes activities for the international students to facilitate their integration within the Amsterdam student community.

The program takes place from September to June or from January to August and costs €14,550.  Although this seems pricey, keep in mind that the following years of study at the University of Amsterdam will only cost €2,000 per year.

Student life in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is one of the most attractive cities in Europe. Pleasant to live in, safe, culturally rich: it is the ideal place to study.

ONCAMPUS assists students in finding accommodation and offers two options: student halls at the University of Amsterdam, or rooms in the Student Hotel. A single room in one of the student halls at the University of Amsterdam costs between 400 and €500 per month (including bills). A shared room costs between 300 and €350. The Student Hotel is a private residence. All rooms have their own bathroom, private kitchen, Wi-Fi and a television. Rent is between €595 and €925 per month depending on the type of room. The price includes a bicycle, access to the gym, and to study rooms and lounges.


Joining one of those two universities in Amsterdam guarantees a training of the highest quality, and opens the door for an International and successful career. For more information on admission requirements and application procedures, get in touch with the member of the Study Experience team.

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