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Our consultant

A jurist by trade who studied at Assas and Dauphine, our guidance consultant has over 10 years of experience in the legal industry, and had the opportunity to live in the United States. Her stay there convinced her to specialize in guidance counselling upon her return.


When she was in the United States, Charlotte was able to witness an education system that put a firm emphasis on individuals. This will to bring out every student’s qualities helps them get to know themselves and helps them to design a motivating and appropriate career path.

Off the back of her experience as a volunteer tutor in an american middle school, 7 years ago she joined a big parisian lycee as their orientation advisor.

This school included college students as well as lycee students, but also preparatory classes and BTS students.


As part of her duties, she regularly organizes regular conferences and events on orientation, with guest appearances from university representatives and alumni whose testimony is invaluable to students.


Her work also involves supporting hundreds of students every year, and helping them think about their future. This daily contact with students keeps her in touch with their needs, and with the new career paths and jobs that are being created.


As part of her job, Charlotte is mostly preoccupied with reassuring students by giving them plenty of options and many paths to achieve their goals. She takes great care in keeping everything confidential, and helps students find what will drive them in life.


« You don’t have to create your future, you only make it possible » – Antoine de Saint Exupery.


To get in touch with Charlotte or to organize a first session, please get in touch.

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