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Guidance Counselling

Study Experience is first and foremost an advisory body for studying abroad. Our expertise allows us to find the best courses and schools for any particular student.

However there are many among you who get in touch before they know what they want to study. For this reason, we partnered with Charlotte Chabert, a consultant in guidance counselling.

For many years, Charlotte has been offering one to one support, allowing students to ask themselves the right questions. Only by learning more about their talents, values, and aspirations can students find the domains that match their personalities and their abilities.

Far from defaulting into a career path, the student is encouraged to find his own way and come to think positively about the future. This support is the opportunity for the student to reflect on his strengths.

The famous phrase from Nietzsche « become who you are » is the driving philosophy behind Charlotte’s support.

Post-Bac Orientation

If you are in premiere or terminale, and, whether you want to study abroad or not, choosing your study domain must take into account your tastes, your personality, but also your skills and your academic record. It’s a difficult process not only for the student, but for parents too.


After a first degree

Are you doing a BTS, DUT, or the 3rd year of a degree programme ? It can be helpful to have some support and advice on finding the way forward.


A change of direction?

Your first choice is not working out and you need to start in a new direction. There are many possibilities, but it’s vital to take the time to reflect on what will really suit you/


For more information on the orientation service, feel free to check out the relevant pages on this website, and to get in touch !

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