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Study abroad: the guide for heading off under optimum conditions.

In January 2016, 4.1 million international students worldwide was the figure published by Campus France to outline today’s international student mobility. Today, studying abroad has become more than a trend, it’s an almost compulsory pathway for many courses that will eventually lead you to an international career. Students have clearly understood: courses increasing the number of student stays abroad is a growing phenomenon in all foreign institutions.

Study Experience: providing valuable assistance for securing your stay abroad

At the Study Experience agency, we firmly believe that every experience abroad counts, whether as part of your studies, an internship, a language course or a university preparation program. These experiences will make the difference for you after you graduate, ensuring you are in the most favourable position for finding the job of your dreams.

However the steps to take in order to leave for study abroad are sometimes not readily accessible at first. This is where we come in! As a university placement agency, we are skilled in advising you on training, programs, universities abroad as well as guiding you through the various steps along the way. Our support and our advice guarantee you the best chance of putting together an enrolment application that will give you access to a study experience abroad best suited to you.

Thanks to our knowledge of the university systems abroad and our network of partner universities, we make it possible for you to study a course abroad regardless of your qualification level, from your final school year certificate through to Masters level.

Study abroad: now available for all levels of education

Indeed, regardless of your level of education, it is now possible to find the course that suits you at the destination of your choice. If there are constraints, we are still able to recommend programs suited to your study career path so that you can smoothly continue with your curriculum abroad, whilst ensuring equivalence at home later on, if necessary. Here are some examples of the possible academic study paths we offer:

After Secondary School: You can go abroad once you have graduated from your final school year!  It is possible to join courses of two, three or four years in a university or college in Canada or the United States. Alternatively, join a three year Bachelor Degree at all the destinations we offer. All these courses are recognised internationally, making it possible to  continue with your studies in a university back at home, or even enrol in a Master’s Degree abroad in the country of your choice!

After your Certificate or Diploma: Through our partnerships with foreign universities, we are able to offer you many gateways for undertaking a third year of tertiary education abroad to complete your two years of vocational studies. Therefore, it is possible to directly join a Bachelor Degree course, thereby completing an international three year university degree in a foreign language. It’s an academic pathway particularly favoured by the selection panels of the best universities accepting students at the Master level, because it shows a real capacity to develop independently abroad. A year of study abroad after your certificate or diploma is a real springboard for your academic career!

After your Degree: After completing your degree at home, you may wish to internationalise your academic career through a one or two-year Master’s Degree abroad. That’s an excellent choice! We offer a multitude of programs available all over the world for obtaining a Master’s Degree that is highly favoured by job recruiters. We offer solutions of excellence through the best universities in the world, notably the University of Melbourne in Australia and the University of Toronto in Canada. This represents the opportunity to obtain a top rated degree which is highly recognised by employers all over the world.

What is the procedure for admissions abroad through Study Experience?

To begin the enrolment process for study abroad, Study Experience will assist you in compiling your enrolment package destined for universities all over the world. Each country has its different peculiarities and administrative formalities, and we advise you on completing an enrolment application tailored to the needs of each institution.

Another essential step is that we can enrol you, if required, in one of the official English tests (TOEFL / IELTS) to assess your level of English language proficiency in order to complete your enrolment application. If necessary, we will be able to recommend appropriate training to reach the level of English language proficiency required.

For more information, we suggest you consult our guide to the process of admission abroad through our agency.

Which countries do we offer for study abroad?

Through our services, we offer 8 different destinations where you can join a course abroad. For each destination, we maintain several partnerships with universities to facilitate the application process and for a better understanding of their expectations. Here are all the possible destinations you can join for study abroad through our services:

Study in the United Kingdom: Whether in England, Wales or Scotland, we can enrol you in any of the institutions in the United Kingdom regardless of your curriculum. With more than twenty university partners in the United Kingdom and the support of the British Council, we are amongst the best intermediaries for pursuing your studies there. We also offer tailor-made assistance for admissions after your final school year via UCAS and for admission into highly selective courses at Oxford and Cambridge.

More information on studying in the United Kingdom.

Study in Canada: Canada offers a similar level of learning experience to that of the USA with its courses offered either in English or French. Whether you want to join a course for a few years, or to live there indefinitely after your studies, it is highly recommended that you do your studies in Canada.

More information on studying in Canada.

Study in the United States: The top destination for students from around the world, American universities occupy the top positions in world rankings, attracting students thanks to world-class teaching together with fabulous campuses and incomparable student life. Be aware however of the cost of studies!

More information on studying in the USA.

Study in Australia: Less known than the USA or Canada, Australia has a university system particularly valued in the anglo-saxon world, with universities occupying the top echelons of world rankings. We offer partnerships with institutions amongst the top 10 in the country, ensuring a global recognition for continuing your education or joining a company.

More information on studying in Australia.

Study in New Zealand: A more and more popular destination, higher education in New Zealand is particularly recognised internationally. This is rather fortuitous since we have a partnership with most of the country’s universities. If you wish to study in English at the other end of the world, this is your opportunity!

More information on studying in New Zealand.

Study in Ireland: Ireland represents an excellent alternative to the United Kingdom for students wishing to pursue a university course taught in English within Europe. Through our partner, Griffith College Dublin, you can join the Irish campus for one year studying university courses and living the Irish student life there.

More information on studying in Ireland.

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