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Specialized english lessons

Specialized english lessons are addressed to professionals and students who want to improve their english skills in the context of their career. The two most common types of specialization are Business English and English for Law. There is a large variety of options : tourism, medicine, engineering… Specialized english lessons in immersion have certain distinct advantages : alongside rapid progress, they allow one to rediscover his profession in an international context.

Why choose specialized english lessons ?

Speaking fluent english offers great benefits in professional context. Many jobs have technical jargon, as well as particular requirements in terms of interpersonal communication. These are very rarely addressed during traditional english language courses, which is where specialized courses come in.

In our specialized courses, we teach all the communication elements necessary to succeed in an international professional setting. For example, international business students learn to prepare and deliver presentations in english ; how to participate in meetings ; how to write business plans ; and how to negotiate in an effective and personable manner.

Of course, there are many language centers in France, but nothing will guarantee rapid progress like immersion will. Immersive english lessons offer many advantages : intensive and personalized teaching, visits from industry professionals, trips to organizations relevant to your sector, and even internship opportunities.

How do specialized english courses unfold?

These programmes are generally designed for adult students whose english ability is intermediate to advanced. A course can last anywhere from one week to several months and involve around 20 hours of lessons per week. In Study Experience’s partner language centers, the total number of students per class doesn’t exceed 12 and many nationalities are often represented. Students therefore benefit from personalized teaching. For exapmle, english for law is taught by teachers specialized in english and law : the teaching aims to extend the student’s general and legal vocabulary, to develop their understanding of the links between english and european law, and lastly to improve their oral and written skills.

Language schools also organize many outings and trips to apply what was taught in the classroom to the real world. Students discover the realities of their industry in an anglophone context and learn to communicate according to the rules of their professional domain.

What locations are available for these programmes?

Specialized english language lessons are available in many english-speaking countries : England, Australia, Ireland, Canada, the USA or even New-Zealand. In some cases, the schools are located near or within universities or specialized schools, like management or hopsitality schools. This option is pefect for those who wish to meet local students and professionals.

Mastering the vocabulary and the rules of communication of your professional domain is a major advantage for your career. A specialized english course can open many doors in France, but also abroad. For more information on the available options, the fees and destinations, get in touch with a Study Experience team member.

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