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General english lessons

General english lessons are for those who wish to improve their english ability in flexible and customizable programme. Students can choose the length of the course, armed with the knowledge that they can start anytime during the year. They can also choose the intensity of the lessons (number of hours per week) and will be placed in a class of similar ability.

Why choose general english lessons ?

General english lessons allow students to engage with, and master, every aspect of the english language. Writing and oral skills, but also comprehension and vocabulary ; there are also opportunities to put these skills to the test during excursions and trips organized by our partner schools.

Our language centers offer classes split by ability, and of no more than 12 students. This setting allows rapid progress, and guarantees individual attention. These schools have modern infrastructure and highly qualified teaching staff.

If you are preparing an english language test, like the TOEFL or the IELTS, it is recommended to take general english lessons rather than specialized lessons. The reason being that specialized lessons will teach you exam techniques but won’t necessarily improve your english ability.

Where can I study ?

General english lessons are available all year round in our english-speaking countries : England, Australia, Ireland, Canada, USA, or New-Zealand.

Some language centers are located on university campuses : the perfect opportunity to discover university life. In these cases, there are less available start dates (three to ten times a year) and the minimum duration is longer (a minimum of five weeks for an exchange programme). This option is ideal for those who want to meet local students and take advantage of the fantastic infrastructure and activities on show at the universities.

How much do they cost ?

The price of tuition depends on your destination, but the average is around 200 to 350 Euros per week of intensive lessons. You can adjust the length of your stay and the number of hours per week (starting at 15h/per week) depending on the budget. The Study Experience team is here to help you choose the best programme for your needs : don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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