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The different types of english lessons


Depending on your objectives, there are different types of english lessons to achieve your goals. All our english language programmes are in immersion, which means in an anglo-saxon country, in close proximity to local people and culture. Depending on your age, your objctive (professional, university preparation, gap year…), your budget and your expectations, we will help you find the best possible course.

General English

Take general english lessons that are tailored to your ability, and for the duration of your choice. This option offers the most flexibility and choice, and is the most common among language schools.

Exam preparation (IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC…) :

The IELTS or TOEFL exams are a requirement for english-speaking universities when applying, and it’s worth getting the best preparation to get get the required scores.

University Preparation :

Maybe your english ability doesn’t yet allow you to consider studying abroad. In this case, most universitites will offer catch up lessons on their campus before the start of term. Leave a month or two before the start of term and make sure you start your studies with a good foundation.

Specialized English Lessons (Law, Business…) :

Your english ability is good but maybe you want to acquire a specialized vocabulary for university, professional development, or a future job ?


Preparation Year (Foundation Year and Pre-Masters) :

A preparatory year, also known as foundation year, allows you to combine academic study with english lessons. These programmes last a whole year so that you can master academic english. Studies show that students who complete a foundation year go on to achieve higher grades than those who don’t.

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