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Hawthorn (University of Melbourne)

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Quick facts:

  • The University of Melbourne's official language shool
  • Pathways to directly join the university, without the IELTS
  • High quality lessons in small groups

Hawthorn-Melbourne is the offical language school of the University of Melbourne, 42nd best university in the world according to QS Top Universities. Its large choice of programmes offers something for every objective and budget.

Hawthorn-Melbourne English Language School

Learn about student life at Hawthorn-Melbourne!

English lessons in Melbourne

Created in 1986, Hawthorn-Melbourne has an international reputation for the quality of its teaching and infrastructure. Just like the University of Melbourne (to which it is attached), it is an excellent school with a nonetheless laid back atmosphere. It attracts students from over 50 countries, and many of them go on to study in an australian university after completing their programme.

The teachers are Hawthorn-Melbourne are highly qualified and dedicated to the success of their students. They use modern, effective teaching methods and materials.

The teachers at Hawthorn-Melbourne don’t just give english lessons, they also offer advice to students on their future studies and career path, and there are health and psychological services if necessary. The school also offers many social, sporting, and cultural activities to complement the teaching.

The class sizes are capped at 18 students, allowing personalised attention and rapid progress.

Students at Hawthorn-Melbourne have access to fantastic infrastructure such as a library, sports fields, as well as science labs. The campus also has a cafeteria and even a patio for barbecues. There is also a cinema, a prayer room and leisure rooms.

Courses and specialties Hawthorn Melbourne

Hawthorn-Melbourne offer multiple programmes : general english, business english, academic english, IELTS preparation, and also a pathway programme to the University of Melbourne

For the general english course, students are sorted by english ability : general english 1 for beginners ; general english 2 for intermediates ; and general english 3 for advanced. At levels 2 and 3, students can opt for a business english or academic preparation course during which they are also prepared for the IELTS.

Hawthorn-Melbourne offer a pathway programme to join the University of Melbourne ; for students whose english ability is already advanced.

Programmes last around 10 weeks during which students have four hours of classes and one hour of personal study per day.. The independent study hours is an opportunity for those who want to focus on a particlar aspct of the course : vocabulary, writing, pronunciation etc…

A week at Hawthorn-Melbourne costs 470 AUS dollars or around 315 Euros.

Living and studying in Melbourne

Located only eight kilometers from the center of Melbourne, the campus is linked to the heart of the city by several transport links. Barely 15 minutes on the train seperate students from all the cultural and sporting events, restaurants and bars, and shops ! Melbourne is the cultural capital of australi, and is consitently ranked in the top 10 best cities in the world. It’s the perfect place to study and meet people from the whole world.

Upon arrival, all students have an orientation day in order to get their bearings. They are then placed in pre-selected host families. It’s also possible for students to rent their own flat. Host families with half-catering 290 australian dollars or 192 euros per week for adults, and 325 australian dollars or 215 euros for minors.

Hawthorn-Melbourne is without a doubt the best option for those looking for excellence in a fun and laid back town. For more information on this school, get in touch with a Study Experience team member.

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